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Young Entrepreneur E-Negosyo System in PHP Free Source Code

The Young Entrepreneur E-Negosyo System is a kind of online ordering system with SMS notifications. It is a convenient way for customers to purchase their favorite pastries, cakes, and bread online without going to the store. With just one click they can simply place their order and then an SMS notification is used in this system to notify the customers of the status of their order. This system is

Simple Attendance System in PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

This is a Simple Attendance System in PHP. This simple project is a web-based application that records the attendance of employees of a certain company. This mini-project has an Admin Panel where the system admin or staff can manage the relevant data in the system. I am sharing this source code to help other new programmers especially those students to have a project source code to start with to

Simple Membership System using PHP and AJAX Free Source Code

This is a Simple Membership System that was developed using PHP, MySQLi, and Javascript. The system uses an AJAX function to ensure the data is being processed properly. This is a user-friendly kind of system you are free to modify the source code. About the System This PHP Project is able to store and manage the list of members. Aside from the member list, the system users can also create a club

PHP CRUD without Refresh/Reload using Ajax and DataTables Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create or develop a PHP CRUD Operations w/o Pagre Refresh/Reloading using Ajax and DataTables. Here, we will enlist the data from the database using the server-side processing of DataTables. This tutorial is helpful especially for optimizing the page load of your future PHP Project.

Keeping Notes Web App Project using JavaScript (jQuery) Free Source Code

Introduction This is a Keeping Notes Web App Project in JavaScript. This mini-project web application manages the user notes to keep. This has a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operation Functions. With this mini-project, you can learn how to create a simple JavaScript project that uses the Web Browser's Local Storage. The source code might be useful for your future Web Application project

Online ID Generator System using PHP Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Online ID Generator System. This project is a web-based application that has the ability to create Identification Card Templates Dynamically and Generates ID Cards using the created templates. The system user can design the ID Card using the given options such as image file upload and text fields.He/She can also manage the positions of each text field

Creating HTML List Pagination, Display Length, and Search in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be creating a simple HTML List Pagination with Display Entries Length and Search. This tutorial is really useful for optiomizing your website for display bulk data. With the said Web App Feature, this will help to limit the data to display from database, prevent long page scroll, and fast loading.

Submitting POST Data Without Refreshing/Reloading the Page In PHP and SQLite3 Tutorial

Learn on how to create a Submit POST Without Page Refresh In SQLite3 using PHP. An advanced PHP coding technique that can store the data inputs without page refresh in SQLite with the use of jQuery ajax. This is helpful when you want to store your data without refreshing the page info.