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Simple Form Builder Web App using PHP and jQuery with Source Code

Introduction This is a simple PHP and jQuery Project that allow the users to create a dynamic form. This project is was inspired and works such as Google Forms though this web app has only the basic feature of the said existing application. This project can be used to conduct surveys, online job application forms, and etc. About the Web Application This Simple Form Builder Web App has the CRUD

Simple ToDo List Web App using Python and Django Source Code

Simple Todo Web App using Python and Django This simple project is a Simple Todo Web App that was developed using Python and Django as the Web Framework. This application allows users to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Todo Items. The user can also mark Todo Items which already done and to this, the user will just simply check/click the provided checkbox provided along with the items. When the

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System in PHP with Source Code

This is a simple PHP Project entitled Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. This system provides a certain company an online platform to manage interactions with their customers or potential customers. The system allows the customer/potential customers to request a quotation for the services they selected in the system. The system also has a ticketing feature which is mainly built to

Simple ChatBot Application using PHP with Source Code

This is a simple Web Application Project entitled Simple ChatBot Application. This project was develop using PHP Programming Language. This chatbot application can simulate conversations with the end-users. The end-user can ask/query anything with this application and the chatbot will automatically respond accordingly to the queries/questions. The program has an admin panel where can admin user of

Internship Portal Management System using PHP with Source Code

The Internship Portal Management System helps the student of the university to find their internship easily. The system has two users the admin and students. The admin users manage/maintain the data of the system such as the Internship application. The admin is in charge of populating the list of Internship Job Availability. The student user can explore/find their desired internship job and can

Creating a Simple Login Using MySQLi Prepared Statement and jQuery

In this tutorial, we will create a Simple Login Using MySQLi Prepared Statement / jQuery. Most of the websites nowadays are required to use MySQLi / PDO statements due to the depreciation of MySQL. This time we will try to work out with MySQLi and Ajax call function to make our simple application more interactive. Let's start coding! Creating the Database First, we will create the database Open

Creating a Simple Dynamic Input using PHP and jQuery

In this tutorial, we will create a simple PHP web application that has a feature allowing the user to dynamically add inputs to the page to save the forms at once. We will be using the jQuery Plugin in order to meet our goal. Also, we will use the Bootstrap Framework to have a pleasant user interface. So, let's get started... Getting Started Requirements Download and Install the latest version if

Live Chat System using PHP with Source Code

This is a Simple Live Chat System was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. This Chat System will help you, specially to those programmer who are building their own social networking site. This is very easy to implement, risk free to install. this chat save and load your message without loading the page content. This web application has a simple and pleasant user interface. The Chat System was