Apple Unveils Gadgets That Bear Improved Water Resistance Feature

Behind the numerous gadgets brought by technology to humanity lie behind great features. One of the best invention that has ever crossed the surface is the mobile phone. People have loved its features and purposes. When we trace back the evolution of the mobile phones, what would instantly cross our mind as the traditional phone is the one having visible antennas on the upper part of the phone

Calculator Mobile App (Android, iOS, WinPhone)

This is a simple demo of a functional calculator native mobile application. It is written using Codename One, and can be deployed as a native Android, iOS, Windows Phone, J2ME, BlackBerry, Web, Mac, or Windows App. The code is as follows: package com.codename1.demos.calculator; import com.codename1.ui.Button; import com.codename1.ui.Component; import com.codename1.ui.Container; import com

D.P.F Delphi iOS Native Components

Develop Native iOS applications with Delphi XE4 / XE5 Develop iPhone & iPad & iPod Touch apps with fast native performance and native styles. Why choose D.P.F iOS Native components for your mobile app development needs? * Use native iOS controls and services * Fast native performance * Mixed Some Components with FMX controls * Can be quick updated with latest iOS controls & features * Improved all

iOS 6 iPhone Camera Application

The application user interface for this example will consist of an image view and a toolbar containing two buttons. When touched by the user, the first button will display the camera to the user and allow a photograph to be taken which will subsequently be displayed in the image view. The second button will provide access to the camera roll where the user may select an existing photo image.