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Apple Unveils Gadgets That Bear Improved Water Resistance Feature

Behind the numerous gadgets brought by technology to humanity lie behind great features. One of the best invention that has ever crossed the surface is the mobile phone. People have loved its features and purposes.

When we trace back the evolution of the mobile phones, what would instantly cross our mind as the traditional phone is the one having visible antennas on the upper part of the phone. The screen which is black and white and loaded with games such as Snakes and Space Impact.

Further, we would remember the infrared as compared to today’s Bluetooth and Share It. These are just few proofs of how far the upgrades in mobile phones have changed the technological gadget.

Another astonishing feature that some mobile phones carry now is the waterproof feature. Indeed, this is one of the best features ever made as user will no longer worry on having his phone being wet by coffee or accidentally dropped in a bowl.

Two of the water resistant mobile phones of today are the iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus as reported in Inquirer.

Based on the report, the gadgets were unveiled at an Apple media event in San Francisco were its features were discussed. Aside from the improve resistance on water, it also bear new camera technology.

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