Calendar Application Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Source Code

Welcome to the Calendar Application project, a delightful blend of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a sleek and functional calendar experience. This web-based application provides users with an intuitive interface to navigate seamlessly through different months, offering a visual representation of dates in a clear and stylish layout. The project showcases the power of front-end technologies

Online Event Booking and Reservation System in PHP/MySQLi with Free Source Code

About this Project: This Online Event Booking and Reservation System were modified in PHP and MySQL was the database utilized. This will be a major assistance to the school if a room or any spots inside the school will be held to utilize. The task has two client jobs, for example, understudy and educator. This venture likewise has an infusion in MySQL. This Event Booking System was developed using

School Faculty Scheduling System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: School Faculty Scheduling System using PHP/MySQLi About The School Faculty Scheduling System is a simple project that will help a certain school manages the schedule of their faculties. The system has 2 sides, which are the school management side of the system admin side and the faculty side. The system admin can manage all data in the system which is the list of courses, subjects, and

Calendar with Easter Date and Hard Copy Printout

This is the C# version of my calendar program, (in June 2017 I wrote a similar version in PHP). This C# version can display a calendar of 12 months for any year from 1583 to 2099, and also the date of Easter Sunday. The program includes a feature to allow you to print the calendar on paper or to send the calendar text to a PDF driver, (if you have one installed). Written using Visual Studio 2010


Diary is an app that allows you to set a reminder about the event, Add Note to Calendar, Save Contact and get a notification about the reminder. Database is access database "data.mdb". Run the app and right click on it to view the features.

Easter date and 12 Months Calendar for any year in PHP

Calendar The files within the calendar zip file comprise a simple PHP program to allow you to generate a calendar for any year as a web page and to print it out on one page of A4 size paper. It also calculates the date of Easter Sunday. You can set the year by tagging it on as a parameter to the end of the URL like this: http://localhost/calendar/calendar.php?year=1912 If you don’t tag on the year