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I want the whole Hotel reservation system in java
so sir plz send me the source code of the project in core java(swing) at front- end in java and orcle (database) as back -end my [email protected]
now reply

vishal i am venkat can u send me the source code or any thing about the online hotel reservation system on java data base to my mail
[email protected] plz


Please any one can send pharmacy management system source code. Its urgent. Thank you.

please sir, i have not see the whole project of yours in my mail which i requested about the Hotel management system. please sir, can i get i as quick as possible am running out of time. Thanks

Hello can i ask for a DB PASSWORD? send it to my email [email protected]

I am Student,Please send The code to my email [email protected]

please sir i need c++ code of hotel reservation system.send this code to my email [email protected]

hello friends,
i need school management project [email protected]

i actually want requirements of hotel management system and ER DIAGRAMS.

vb is the front endand ms access is the back end

Pls anyone out there? i am in desperate need for Hotel management system (Source code) any concerned friend should pls mail it to me at [email protected].
thanks pals.

can anyone plz send me the full project of hotel management system
plzzzzzzzzz i need it plzzzzzz
my id is
[email protected]

sir can you send me the project on hotel management
my e-mail id is [email protected]

thank you

hello sir ,
will u send me the project on hospital management system on vb 6.0.
my email id is [email protected] .
thank u...

i need the project tools $ previous documents to [email protected]

bank manageement system with vb 6.0 connecting with ms access
my email id [email protected]

i need source code of hotel management system inn jsp language....plz send me if you can...i will be highly grateful to emeail-id: [email protected]

I request to send me hospital management project in Java.

PLS give me some ideas to make a project on hotel management system topic.u mail those ideas tomy emailid:[email protected]

pliz sir/ma
please kindly send me the vb6 code for a hotel management system. sir/ma you are my last hope. thank you sir/ma in anticipation to your positive response.

hello sir, i want you to send the coding for hotel mangement.
my email id is [email protected]

i am also working on the same project so if u had some thing on hotel management system plz send it on [email protected]

can you please email me the project (School managment system) please with source codes
also if you have this on c# please email me.i realy really need this

[email protected]


All you third-world programmers asking for source code are f*cking retarded. Stop trying to get someone else to do your work for you, so you can peddle your penny-programming services, putting yet more good developers out of work.

hello,sir i need some help.i need a hotel reservation system in vb 6.0
i really need it sir,
plz my email add: [email protected]

please give me a project of hotel management system in and source code
on my [email protected].
thank u

Please send me DB password on this [email protected]

hello sir;
i nedd a project on school management system in java
its really urgent
kindly mail it on my id:[email protected]

Hello, Please I need a Hotel management proposal for a 43 room hotel. Urgently, please sent it to [email protected]

I need abstract and mini project on "online course reservation system in vb".so please to email to [email protected]

Hi,sir i need online hotel management reservation project using visual basic.

very argent. Please send me sir.
My email ID.
[email protected]

sir i need a input output screen for my project.a few reports on hotel management system. my email address is [email protected]

i need hotel management project..vb as front end &ms -excess as back end

Hai friends, i'm making softwares in java. And I would like to do it with anyone (i mean also in module wise). If anyone has the projects to do in java, i'm here for you. And it charges a few bucks. I would like to do it for companies also. If there is anyone interested, please contact me, mobile- 09895154767 , email- [email protected]

i need hotel management project..vb 6.0 as front end &ms -excess as back end
my email id is: [email protected]

hello sir , i request you to please mail me the java code of hospital management i need it urgently . My mail id is [email protected]

hiii i actually needed a project on hospital management along with codes. it should one using netbeans 5.5.1 and SQL 2005. i needed dis project urgently. i would really apppreciate it if i'll get it as soon as possible. my email id is [email protected]. waitin for your reply.

Hi I need z full Taxi School management system project using Visual basic and Sql server
my email is [email protected]

hello,sir i need some help.i need a school managment and hospital managment project .if you have this project in C# or then plz send me ..i have a great need of this email is [email protected]

Hey Guys , I need to make A PROJECT on Hotel management system using vb as front end and oracle as back end ...
Please mail it as soon as possible to me at [email protected] ...

Dear sir,

i need to submit this project in our collage.
Please send me the database password

[email protected]

plss..... i need the automated entrance examination

Sir I want to know about online reservation systems in hotel, i am also a student in Philippines, can you help about this study or can email about the codes in my email? [email protected]

Hi I need z full Hotel & School management system project using Visual basic and Sql server
my email is [email protected]

My email id is [email protected]

Contact No is 9438098189

Hello sir,
i need hotel management system in java. i really need it urgently. please send me on my email

I want the whole hotel management system in java and mysql

plz send it on [email protected]


I actually want a project on Hotel management system using Visual basic as front end and Sql server my email id is [email protected]


make a project on hotel managament

I am making my project in Hotel reservation System in sir plz send me the source code of the project in advance java(servlet,jsp) at my [email protected]


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