Free Hotel Management - Posting charges

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Posting charges


To post the final charges for guest open the guest record and click the check out button as shown below.

Checking Out


Click the Amount Paid to open the payment form. Click check out after the balance reaches zero (0.00).

Checking Out


Enter the Amount at the Amount Paid textbox and click add button. Click close afterward.


Amount Paid


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Good day, i have a problem running your code, when i clicked on the reports>>checked in guest, the error says "Server has not yet opened", how could i fix this problem? thank you:)

Good day!

im asking for username and password??

my email [email protected]!!

when i click check out reports it asking user name and passwords i dont kw how to open ? where is the passwords ?

Hi there, i compiled teh code but cant find anywhere to set the rate per period. please help

could you help me on how 2 create a chart and codes for my Groceries Point of Sale visual basic 6.0

how can i delete the menu of the company at MDI form...i dont found this coding..

Open the menu editor located in the toolbar.




Good day sir

i have a question

How can i make an account for a company??

What kind of account?



an account receivable for company

Click the records menu then Account Receivables.

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