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Inventory View

Inventory View


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Sir, could u plz send the source code of Hotel Management System and database password on my email [email protected]. I will b grateful to u. Thanx

sir plz send me a working project and it's source code in java or .net

name: airlines reservation system
or employment reservation system
or hotel reservation system

email id:
[email protected]

hii sir i need a project in java with eclipse on hotel management & orkut using java plzzzzz send me project or source code for design on [email protected] .help me

Dear Sir,

Could you please send password database for the Project Hotel Management System in Ms Access to my Email: [email protected]. I waiting for your help.


hotel mngt project is wonderful

hi sir.
what is the password for the access database.. could you please sent it to my email: [email protected]
i will really appreciate your help, please email it to me..
thankz and godbless!..

sir please send the data base password to me plz.plz
my E-Mail id

hello am mca final year student.i want inventory system in jsp or java ..please help me sir

i m student of MCA FINAL YR. I m preparing my project in Hotel Management system, pls sir i want detailed info about project and prject source code
i also want database password, pls send me all info on
[email protected] or [email protected]

i need inventory view but i dont understand you logic in access db, so plz upgrade that into sql server, so i can get your kindly help

however i need to learn how you connected the
database to the forms????

Struggling please help

i want to understand how u connected your database
to the forms it is quite unique but imm kinda confused.

Please help.

There's so many ways on how to connect to the database. But the logic are still the same. Study the code so you will understand how it works.

plz send the data mentioned above as soon as posible

but is just that it is difficult to access those reports. it brings error say that the server is not ready. i dont think there should be any difficulties in veiwing report please do something about it. good job you have there

if I click on Reports.. its asking for Database password.. Could you pls send the password to [email protected], if possible please send the bug free version of Hotel Management in 2008.. Many thanks for your help.

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