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List of thesis titles with Corresonding Systems for CS and IT

Hi CSIT Students especially from NORSU-BSC CSIT. I posted this for those who have problem with there Thesis Titles/Proposals. Please see the List of titles below that can make as your Thesis Proposals with the links of corresponding System that posted in Sourcecodester users or make as your references in your system creation that can be used of different programming languages such as VB6,, Java, PHP and many more.

1. On-line courseware
source: Online Courseware using php and mysql

2. Payroll system
source: Payroll System using VB.NET

3. Online payroll system
source: Payroll System using PHP and Mysql

4. Online Hotel reservation system
source: Online Hotel reservation system | Onliine Hotel Reservation Drag and Drop using PHP and MySQL

5. Hotel management system
source: Hotel Management System

6. Hotel reservation system
source: Hotel Reservation System using VB.Net

7. Online membership and billing system
source: Online Membershipt and Billing System

8. Online class scheduling system
source: Online Scheduling System |

9. Online POS(Point of Sale)
source: Point fo Sale (POS) using PHP and MySQL

10. Online inventory system
source: Online Supply Inventory System

11. Online payroll system
source: Online Payroll System

12. Online ordering system
source: Online Ordering System

13. Online bidding system
source: Simple Online Bidding System

14. Online Voting system
source: Voting System using PHP and MySQL Voting System Percentage using PHP/MySQL and Ajax

15. Voting system
source: Computerized Voting System using VB

16. Online shopping cart
source: How build shopping cart with checkout using PHP

17. Medical records system
source: Simple Billing and Medical Records System

18. Online public access catalog
source: Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) | Online Public Access Catalog

19. Library System
source: Library System Vb.Net 2008 Update | Simple Library System using VB.Net ico | Library System using VB.Net 2008 and SQL Server 2008

20 . Online Library System
source: E-Library System

21. Record management system
source: Record Room Management System RRMS | Patient Record Management System using VB6 MS Access

22. Online Record management system
source: Record Management System

23. Supply inventory system
source: Inventory System | Supply Inventory System

24. Online Inventory system
source: Simple Inventory System using PHP and MySQL

25. E-learning system
source: Responsive E-learning System

26. Social networking
source: Facebook Clone how propose Programer | Social Posting

27. Online Hospital system
source: Synapse Hospital System

28. E-voting system
source: Electronic Voting System | E-voting System | Voting System PHP

29. Online Lot Reservation
Online Lot Reservation

30. Online Product Reservation System
source: Online Produce Reservation System

31. Online Grade Inquiry
source: Online Class Record and Inquiry System using PHP and MySQL | Online Grade Inquiry | Online Grade Inquiry Tags

source: Web-Based Tracking System

33. Online Grading System
source: Online Grading System

34. Video Library Management System
source: Video Library Management System

35. Internet Cafe System
source: Internet Cafe System

36. Billing System
source: Billing System | Restaurant Billing System

37. Electronic Police Clearance System
source: Electronic Police Clearance System and SQL Server

38. Salon System
source: Salon System using and SQL Server

39. Human Resource Management System
source: Human Resource Management System

40. Pharmacy Automation System
source: Pharmacy Automation System

41. Order Billing Inventory System
source: Order Billing Inventory System

I hope the above list can help you guys with your Thesis proposal. Happy coding Pinoys :)

I would like to acknowledge users below:
argie for posting List of Thesis Title for IT Student and
admin that publish this site for free to all programmers especially for the beginners.
And to all users in Sourcecodester.

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Submitted bylalaine (not verified)on Mon, 05/19/2014 - 00:06

hi guys.. anyone who can help me with my thesis proposal/system ?

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hi sir i'm looking for my thesis title, my professor want a unique title but it so hard to search for it.

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