Online Hotel Reservation System

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In this source code you can learn on how create an online reservation system with online payment. In this code you can learn also to create source code in making online payment, room inventory, add edit and delete records using php, error trapping using php and javascripts, textbox that accept numbers only, check room availability, and other feature that can be found in this complete application. Hope this code will help you, Thank you

Database name: argie_tamera

log-in the admin mode using the following:
username: admin
password: admin

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Looks like an awesome piece of work but some clear instructions on how to get this going would be appreciated, like I've put my name and password into each instance of "("localhost", "root", "");" but just can't make it happen, I'm only a php beginner and was so happy to find this tutorial.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Great help. Thank you for sharing

Coding for school project

help me to create a online accmmodation system for our thesis...thankyou :)

Contact me on facebook. [email protected]

i will give how ti fix those problems.. this is only for project only.. thank you!!

Hello sir please teach me how you fix the captcha pleasee i need it for my project, can't find you on facebook , here is my facebook please message me sir Thank You!

Hello sir im here to know if you kasda

i run this project already..
but i think some of the code not correctly connect to your database..
capcha not working.. but thanks to u..
i pass my project :)

it shows a warning on mysqlfetcharray()
anyone help me to integrate database.

capcha image not loading when you want to register a new user

hellow plz help me i want room reservation code with database for my project. plz if any1 have then send it to id:[email protected]

I cannot log in to inside system as admin and user

captcha error :( help me pls ASAP
deadline is nearly ....this is very nice system

how to download it ?

Please can I have the code for hotel management system
[email protected]

Hi Please send codes and db to [email protected]


[email protected]
can someone send to mee

goood and best code

Argie can u plss send me ur name in ur fb acc may I add you so that I can ask some question plssss here is my emal:[email protected] PLEASE

kindly send me to the databse of this codes thanks: [email protected]

I can't detect captcha on my localhost. How to fix it...???

can i have the database please

please send me database [email protected] .Thanks

Thanks...It is very Nice....:)


Can you show the html codes for the site that you make? Please i just need it for my projects.

Hi can you help me for the codes of online reservation system?

Pls send me the database [email protected]

hello . thank you for the script . i really like it .
i added the script in localhost , and i created a database named : argie_tamera . after that , i go to the website and everything is fine BUT whenever i want to log to admin by the password : admin . i doesnt work . i modified the file : loging.php i added the password of my local host . it is changed but it gives me : Query failed ! any help please !

thank you very much!!


Need your help on how to create a online hotel reservation.tqvm

How to get latest php script for reservation

that code i wanted it to see how i can intergrate with dreamweaver

Can I please have the copy of the database of this on my mail at the earliest, please!
[email protected]

hello...! can we use this system for our thesis?
it help us a lot...

plz help me ...plz send me the database file and try to help me in connecting it...

hello everyone
can you give a sample coding in onLine resort reservation system !!
here my fb account [email protected]
thank you !!!

Hi, anyone please help to upgrade to mysqli.



Please send me the source code with database ...It's very urgent...
My email id is: [email protected]

Krishna Kant

cant detect the captcha on my localhost.

it is really working! thanks

Hallo i need your help about my project hotel reservation can i add and subtract the date for booking the rooms??..please i need someone to help me..thank you..

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\xampp\htdocs\Test-Parameters\payment.php on line 105

same error to me

Plz i need a simpler code, my eamilis : [email protected]

its very helpful to me......thanks

hi pano po palabasin yung code pag nag sisign up? thanks

Please resend source need captcha


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