Order Billing Inventory System

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This is our thesis last year. Though this is very simple, but somehow you can learn some code from it. If you have question regarding this, just email me or text me. Thank you

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no Screenshot? uhuhuhuh,

di ko pa kasi alam maglagay ng screenshots eh, pero next time maglalagay na ako.

thanks sa nagupload nito.. tnx sa mga codes..

Thank u pre...

ed billing and inventory system for our thesis,.,plz give me some examples...

nc 1 kept it up pinoy programmer! maging no1 tau!!! share ur ideas!

san po makikita ang mga codes xenxia na newbie eh

sir anu user name at password

where is Documentation?
Please upload to me

please check the database nalang po, nasa BIN folder.. hanapin nalang nandun ung database. icheck nio nalang ung password dun.. sa mga nanghihingi naman ng vb6.0 version. wala pa po e. thanks sana makatulong yang mga codes na yan


tnx men...


pasuggest nga po ng titles s i.t tnx po

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