Online Membership and Billing System

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A PHP and jQuery Powered Web Application.

Click here for guidelines:

admin user: admin
admin pass: 123

member user: kat
member pass: kat

zip pass: membership123

if you found any problems or bugs, just throw a comment.
Happy coding.

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when i download the system what i got is this

instead of what is seen above. any help?

Please let me know how I can install this to my website.

u kno how to create dashboard which will present the reports as graph? btw, my system is Cable TV Inc. Billing and Stock Monitoring system.thanks a lot! :)

di po makalog in

hi i like your project thanks for provide this thank you sooooooooooo much.

MINDGAMEZ ndi po gumagana ang Add Employee.)-;
tuwing mag aadd aq ng employee saccessful nmn pero pag magviview na aq ndi lumalabas ang inadd q.pati rin sa database.

Hi would u be so kind to help me on my project vehicle monitoring system and u can insert map that can allow user to view ur vehicle track... Plsss help

Hello mam,
I'm doing my project in "Hospital Patient Billing System" in PHP/MYSQL. I need your help to do this project. Can you please help me by sending the important sample coding to do this project? Thank you...

i m making project of hospital using vb6 and backend ms access. the hospital have two branches in differents city.
now i want to connect each other database via online remotely. can u give me source code for connection remotely. it will lot of help me. thanks
my email: [email protected]

how to insert multiple data entries of a form to a database.
i tried to enter the data but the data are showed as array
if needed i can post the code for the multiple data entry form and thr

yes, you may post the code sir.

hello der mindgamez.. can i hav ur #? i'm ur biggest fan.. iloveyou!


Good Day, i so much appreciate this script...but I am writing my project on student information system...
in the sense that each student can register, login to their own page where they can upload their image,
update there class, and any other information and it will appear on the student page probably myaccount.php
can anyone kindly assist me on the free phph script on myaccount.php that enable each student have access to there own
unique account where they can upload all there information....thanks i really appreciate as you help

This is a very nice sample,tips and guidelines on how pay bills online .Thanks for sharing it with us.I'm pretty sure a lot of people out there will find this blog of yours very helpful.

you're very welcome! =)

my system has that sample, jsut download it.

ive posted on the forum under php ..coz i really got this problem ..verifying alumni that wants to join the site.. Thnks Godbless


i try (where from!!)

you're very welcome..

chào, tôi ở viet nam,còn bạn đến từ đâu!!, you have email!!

Tôi thấy, tôi là từ Philippines ..

There are many things to consider before you start developing a system.
here's how:

i want to develop a mis in php using mysql mysql as backend . i m very much confused. the mis is for land aquisition system.can u please help by suggesting some way how to start. Please

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