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User Time Log System using VB.NET and MS Access Database with Source Code

A system that acts as biometrics does. With real-time logging, this system makes it possible to record the time-in and time-out of a user's attendance with ease. It provides a user-friendly UI and shortcut keys and for fast processing of records and logging. It also has a picture for each user to ensure the user's identity when being logged. This app is good for school and office wherein they

Employee's Registration and Record System using VB.NET with Full Source Code

About The Employee's Registration and Records System is a program using VB.NET. This project stores the company's employee details. This system can update the employee's status such as if the employee got suspended. This project has a database backup and retrieval feature. Updated with Camera Capture, Logs implemented in all Actions + Fixed All bugs and errors Project Title: Employee's

Restaurant Reservation System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020)

Restaurant Reservation System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020) This Online Restaurant Reservation System is made up of PHP, JavaScript and CSS. The Restaurant Reservation System has two sides the user side which is the customer and the admin side who is the one responsible in administering the Restaurant Reservation System. It is a simple system and user-friendly that the features can be easily

Enrollment and Billing System in C#

This is a project entitled Enrollment and Billing System written in C# and SQL Server Management Studio R2 2008 database for Christian Kiddie Care. The system has the following features: Transactions Add Student Add Teacher Enroll Billing Statement of Account Maintenance School year Grade level Section Tuition fee Room Time schedule View Enrolls About us Reports Student list Log trail Audit trail

Library Management System Using PHP & MySQL

The advent of diverse information technology systems has revolutionized the way of doing things. A majority of business solutions are automated to meet the changing needs of the end users. Information systems have proved to be effective in implementing the business processes of most organizations and institutions across the globe.

Computer-Based Inventory Management System in

This is a project entitled Computer-Based Inventory Management System written in and Microsoft access database for Surigao Doctors College. The system has the following features: - Cataloging - Inventory - Circulation - Borrow - Return - View items - Maintenance - Stock-in - Stock-out - Item type - user settings - Generate report - History logs - About us - Logout Account Information

Login to MySQL Server and configuration in registry

This simple demo I offer to do. The login system connection with the MySQL Server. By storing the connection details in the system registry. First by connecting to the MySQL server and the next users must log in to the data table. Addition, you able to press Ctrl + F5 a button for run mode "Run As Administrator" by setting some value in Registry. Thank You. I hope this sample application will help

Computerized Payroll System (Java GUI)

This Computerized Payroll System was my project in Computer Programming 2 Subject particularly in Java when I was a 2nd Year Student. This project was developed using JCreator Pro and MS Access as the database used. This features employee information with its designation, employee settings for the allowances such as food, transportation, and others; and deductions such as absences, SSS, PhilHealth