Restaurant Reservation System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020)


Restaurant Reservation System in PHP with Full Source Code (2020)

This Online Restaurant Reservation System is made up of PHP, JavaScript and CSS. The Restaurant Reservation System has two sides the user side which is the customer and the admin side who is the one responsible in administering the Restaurant Reservation System. It is a simple system and user-friendly that the features can be easily understood to provide the customers with a hassle-free booking experience. But, for you to be able to have an access in this Online Restaurant Reservation System, the customer must create an account first so he/she can sign in or log in the Online Restaurant Reservation System in their devices so, they can navigate and make a quick reservation of any available tables.

About the Online Restaurant Reservation System Full Source Code 

Many of us, most likely to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion with family and friends in a restaurant to avoid hassle in cooking a lot of meals. That is why, it is very important for restaurant owners to have a Restaurant Reservation System so, the customer can make a reservation to secure a table in advance where in the customers are served faster and to avoid frustrated customers which is a worst scenario. Even though, it is very challenging for restaurant owners and managers to manage reservations but by having an Online Restaurant Reservation System it’s one way of keeping their business organized and reduce waiting time for customers which is one of the main problems in managing a restaurant. With the use of this Online Restaurant Reservation System, the staff doesn’t have to take down notes the names of the customers who are planning to have a reservation or answer phone calls. By doing it, this took away a lot of precious time from the staff that could be out there clearing the tables or serving the customers on a busy day. If a reservation schedule is showing that they’re going to have a lot of guest or it is going to be jam-packed the chefs and kitchen staff will be warned to be prepared for an incoming rush at a specific time to avoid chaos inside the kitchen and they can have space for walk-in customers. This Online Restaurant Reservation System is very beneficial not just for the owners but also to their kitchen staff. Having this Restaurant Reservation System, it helps make the dining experience of every customer more comfortable and enjoyable.

These are the following features of Online Restaurant Reservation System Full Source Code 

  • Home
  • Gallery
  • Reservation
  • Find Us
  • Make a Reservation
  • Register
  • Login
  • View Reservation
  • List
  • Cancel Reservation
  • Manage Tables
  • Set table in a specific dates
  • List Delete Manage Schedules

How to setup the Online Restaurant Reservation System

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Download and install XAMPP (
  3. Run the XAMPP control panel and start MySQL and Apache.
  4. Go to C:\xampp\htdocs  and extract the downloaded zip file (restaurant)  inside the folder.
  5. Open the browser and go to  http://localhost/phpmyadmin/  to create the database.
  6. Click the new to create a database.
  7. Name the database sourcecodester_dbrestaurant.
  8. Click import to import the sql file.
  9. Click choose file and select the file that can be found inside the restaurant folder.
  10. Click go.

How to run the system

Open the browser and go to http://localhost/restaurant/


Username: janobe
Password: janobe

Customer Please Register.

 You can freely download and modify the Online Restaurant Reservation System Source Code.....

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