Employee's Registration and Record System

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Updated with Camera Capture, Logs implemented in all Actions + Fixed All bugs and errors

Title: Employee's Registration and Records System
Language: Vb.net
Database: Ms Access
Build From: VS2005 (Feel free to convert into higher version)


- w/ Validation of inputs
- Automatic inputting of AGE base on employee's birthday
- w/ Camera Capture (thanx to harvey_quijano) *new*
- Updated some codings and validations *new*

- Refresh
- Modify
- Delete
- Profile
- Suspend / Unsuspend Employee
- Block / Unblock Employee
- w/ Image Preview
- w/ Filter (Male, Female, Regular, Contractual, Suspended, Blocked)
- w/ Search Engine

- Backup Database
- Retrieve Database

- Add Admin / Shared accounts
- Modify Admin / Shared accounts
- w/ Image Preview
- Auto Generated Account Number
- Base on Database (Ms Access)

- List of user actions
- Updated to log all user actions *new*

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sir how can we run the system if everytime we login this appears ""Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine.". thank you

Many thanks for your support.

how to fix this sir...???

Thanks For uploading this ... It's really a big help

sir pls can you give me a leave management system in java netbeans

please mail me the solution to [email protected] am getting microsoft jet oledb 4.0 is not registered on my machine. please help

Sir? Di ko po siya ma open sa vb6 :(

sir error not registered daw yung data d ko alam kung paano ee

can i ask something because when we run the program there is error like "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0' provider is not registered on the local machine." what does it mean need some help pls :(

i want this project where is source file not just code also the forms

Want some more free systems? :)

Sir.!!! Thank you for your free system!!!

you are so amazing!!!

by the way about more free systems, I'm interested in payroll system sir. Can you please share me a system about payroll system?

Again thank you. (y) :)
FB https://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.vicuna0827
Email [email protected]

please mail me the solution @ ajokuemeka2gmail.com. am getting microsoft jet oledb 4.0 is not registered on my machine. please help

H3llo...Thanx for the Program needed it very badly but kindly help me with a step by step tutorial on how to make it. I can create the design but no database or making my entries be saved. Thanks... am using MS Visio Studio 2010

ts dl ko ..try ko lng ..

how you set database


I realize there's a salary form . But where's the coding. Can you email it to me ? Thanks

astig po neto aa :)))

Sir, the employeedb.mdb file is not included in your zip. Where can I get it?

Thanks and God bless.

Kasama jan yung database nasa \bin\debug folder

hna hanap ko ko nga hoo ..
send mo skin ..

thank you

merci beaucoup

sir why can't I dowload this file in website..need help nmn oh how to download file with this website

Staff attendance system using VB 6.0 or any other versions

Can u plz help me to use this s/w..
I want to know the pass word and other loging requirements..
Are you there?

You may login with this infos.
Accnt #: 4.
Username: jervy
Password: 1234

"the 'microsoft.jet.oleddb.4.0' provider is not register on the local machine"
yan ho yong massge pag nga login ako ..
panu ho b yan ??

ganon din sa akin .. alam mu na ba sagot dyan kung paano ??

hndi ko po mahanap ang database ng system mo ..
pwede rin ho b ma edit yng password, username , at emloyee no ??
maraming slamat po ..

I download your project. Very nice!!
I believe that your will not post your full source code.
Salary form has no code, for instance.


I'll upload mine here too. my THESIS project :)

i like creating new ragistration system with VB.net programming

what is the login and password?



nice work on this :)

super... very nice..........thankk you...

Sir how so amazing, great your system i realy like it so much tnx for the source code ..Sir if u have time i wanted to learned more from u,, ill pay

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