Computerized Voting System in Visual Basic

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This is a Visual Basic version of my Computezied Voting System in Ms Access...."The Lucky 3 Voting System"

... but this time this is much easier to understand and to use... since all the functions that are all implemented in this system are understandable by those beginner in Visual Basic...

I implement:

2 User account: => Election Officer        PW: bagares

                         => User                       PW: philip or 123456

* President

* Vice - President => Internal Affairs and External Affairs




this can be use in High School Election...

I created this for you my Alma Mater, Xavier High School(now Xavier Academy) in Initao Misamis Oriental, Philippines





Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


hi by the way tnx sa program mo but syempre ung iba rin na nangangailangan ng system like this could you instruct us kung paano i open ang program without .EXE ask ko lang din po if we need to download any program to access your software hehhee thanks ins advance

kuya pa help.. pano mag vote?

hey where did you get these graphics that you are actually using them help please

Ask ko lang po. Pwedepo bang ipasa nyo sa aking yung code
[email protected]

try nyo ung Employee DTR Client/Server, tapos gawin nyo voice command navigation, no need for click just voice of course ung client side lang, tapos lhat ng error or msg box dapat gawin nyo text to speech..wla pa akong nkitang system na voice command na ng submit ng code..coz i developing it now..pero f matapos ko un..i wouldnt upload xempre pinaghirapan ko db?...
for student of STI and AMA post naman kau ng ganitong system...
i know mgagaling ung mga student from STI and AMA.

email me for any comment..
Renz Gesulga, BSIT Batch 2006
MLG College Of Learning
[email protected]

pwede mo po ba pasa sakin complete source code ng voting system niyo i need to base lng po sa gagawin nmin na voting system for organization. please send me po n nkawinrar .

[email protected]

Thank you very much :)

i want vb coding for college voting system

meron po b kayo jan voting system using po mkahinhgi ng sample code?

Opening palang may errors na akong na rereceive..

"MSADODC.OCX could not be loaded" at marami pang iba na could not be loaded.. tapos inedit ko ung mga references.. i-uncheck ko ung mga MISSING references..

pag ka run ko ng program. Under FrmMain pagka click ko ng ADD VOTERS, "Compile error. Method or data member not found"

tpos lalabas ung code..

"Private Sub Form_Activate()
Me.dtbday.Value = Format$(Date, "MMMM DD,YYYY")"

naka highlight ung Value

ano gagawin ko?

hey,, any idea kung ano system maganda for thesis,,, patulong na din :D

when i open the CVS.vbp a message box pops out saying error system registry.

thankz very helpful kahit my error

Your Welcome... I no longer update this system...

may error po dun sa log in ng pagvote data mismatched...

thanks for voting projects

make use of relationship..
wala man lng kakarelationship ung database mo
and ginawa mo 1 table = 1 position
and also 1 form for 1 position (registration) hehe...

good GUI like It! Yet ung flow maximize mo pah..

goodluck :) peru good start narin...

Cedrick R. Blas
[email protected]
Junior Programmer/Analyst

tnx 4 d advise dude... anyway that is my first VB application... and that is my first time to create application using VB... or simply a newbie...hehehe anyway, just check this out this is my new VB Project....

is their a password for this automated election?

please i need it i better debug this one because it is closer to my perfection

ok hehe.. upgrade mona skills mo. sa .net kna. try C#.Net

Thanks for the advice again...anyway... i already try and do na rin sa mga .net, especially yung C# and also im trying Delphi...

ok. knya knyang field lang yan.. bsta keep on posting hehe\..

yabang mo magsalita ah para kang sino. bakit nagpost kana ba ng project mo? eh hangang salita ka lang naman ata eh. visual j# kaya mo? asm, masm python tsaka perl.

sino sinasabihan mo? hahhaa

simple lng naman mga na shashare ko dito eh :D
check mo nlang here mga site..

check mo narin to kasi isa ako sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan ni admin.

hey fellas... wag ka ring masyadong hambog... chill kalang you put yourself on a right place naman...bakit mo namang nasabing kaya ba nla ang Visual J#, Perl, at saka Phyton? U know, basahin mo nga yung heading ng site ulit... kung may nabasa kabang Visual J#, Perl at saka Phyton hindi ba't Wala?

Meaning... "Kanya - kanyang diskarte at field lang yan"...... so you better chill, relax and watch carefully on your words... kung anong nakita mo sa heading yun lang ang e submit mo na project dito...okay?...

and Lastly, as a concern pinoy programmer din... advise ko lang...

"Kahit gaano pa karaming programming language yung alam mo, pero in application to the real world.. lahat ng natutunan is only 10% lang.. or maybe 3% lang yan..."

Thanks for this project nga pala... keep on posting here... :-)

-->I Love Open Source<--

my tama ka... :) open posting.
help help nga eh diba? wag yabang yabang :D hahaha

tol baka my voting system kayo dyan penge naman ako ng codes.. pd ba??

Que programa tan espectacular solamente he podido ver el codigo seria tan amable de facilitarme la contraseña para poder aplicarlo en mic colegio Soy Docente de un Colegio En Cúcuta

...Please email me: "[email protected]"
send you email mo..,ned ko help mo.

hi.. what is the username and password if you are going to vote?? because if im going to vote and the system ask the username and password if i use any user and password the system is error..
please help me how to solve this problem... this is my yahoomail account ([email protected])
please speak tagalog if ok....

how to use vote command?? why when i click a command vote the program is debug???
when i click debug=>> rs.Open "Select * from Voters where VoterID='" & txtuser & "' and Password = '" & txtpass & "' ", con, 2, 3>> this is the syntax error.. how to solve it???
please reply me this is my email add of yahoomail>> [email protected]


If Gender Male then lvv.ListItem show font cooler Red.
And If Gender Female then lvv.ListItem show font cooler Black.

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