Election System

Simple Polling System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This PHP Polling System written in PHP and MySQL. We will teach how to create this system for your schools, business, etc. This system can vote and counts the result for each participants or candidates in the given data by the admin. Each user has a account and can create a new account if they want to vote. The users can also manage their profiles if they want.

Online Voting System using PHP with Source Code

This is a complete Online Voting System I created for my final year project for the University of Lusaka in Zambia. This system is a PHP Project that provides an online platform to vote. The system was developed for a specific school. This project stores the candidate details, voters details, and etc. The voters in this project are the student of the school and in order for them to vote, they must

School Event Management System in PHP/MSQLi with Source Code

This School Event Management System can create school events such as Volleyball games, Basketball, Cultural presentation, Election of school officers, etc. During school election Instead of having a compile list of candidates and voters, this system will help you manage the candidate for voting and the attendance of voters. And the winners can be automatically identified by the system whoever candidates contain the highest votes. School Event Management System is a system that will reduce your work and becomes very easy to handle all matters.

Online Voting System Project using PHP/MySQL

The Online Voting System is a simple project using PHP/MySQL. To develop this project, I have used HTML for the page layout, CSS, and Bootstrap for the designs, JavaScript (jQuery / Ajax) for UI/UX. This simple project explains how do polling systems do work. Feel free to download and modify the source code. About the Project The Online Voting System is a simple project that represents the

Student Council Election System

Features: Admin: 1. CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) Candidates Info and Party lists. 2. Generate Voting Codes 3. Canvassing (partial results) - real time 4. Print voting codes 5. Print winners of election student: 1. can vote only for complete sourcecode and documentation visit our website: http://webgeekresources.com http://inettutor.com contact info: 09102294835

Computerized Voting System in Visual Basic

This is a Visual Basic version of my Computezied Voting System in Ms Access...."The Lucky 3 Voting System" http://www.sourcecodester.com/microsoft-access/msu-n-computerized-voting-system.html ... but this time this is much easier to understand and to use... since all the functions that are all implemented in this system are understandable by those beginner in Visual Basic... I implement: 2 User