Student Council Election System

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1. CRUD (Create, Update, Delete) Candidates Info and Party lists.
2. Generate Voting Codes
3. Canvassing (partial results) - real time
4. Print voting codes
5. Print winners of election

1. can vote only

for complete sourcecode and documentation

visit our website:

contact info: 09102294835

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thanks for sharing about this.I already download the source code but i still can't run the code. could you please send me a email about the source code because i want to try to build this for my college..please do help me! thank you..

whats the username and pass.?

Can you send me the codes?
I'm interested on this program,.

Thanks for sharing

sir tanong ko lng pano ko mggmit ung binigay mo sa source code?

sir i have downloaded ur source code but i try i opening it it didnt work. pls kindly send me some free source code i want to build an electronic voting system for a high school in ghana... ma info is [email protected] u can also add me on facebook so we can chat more.. BRINE BOAMAH

Weldone. Thanks for this contribution.

Good job!
Please how can i access database
my mail is [email protected]

can you help me with my thesis.. my title is computerized entrance exam... pls.. this will help me a lot. tnx

it is good

yup kindly leave your contact info. this is my digit: 09102294835

i've already downloaded the zip but i can't access it.. can you please give me the whole source code? :) i urgently need your help, its for my thesis.. tnx :)

God blesss u

I am a PHP student, it help me a lot thank you

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