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Alumni Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code


Project: Alumni Management System using PHP/MySQL


The Alumni Management System is a simple PHP/MySQL project that helps a certain university/college school manages its alumni data. This project has 2 sides of users UI (user interface), which are the admin side/school management and the alumnus/alumna's side. The admin side can manage all the list of job posted, alumni list, events, forum topics, and the gallery. The alumni site can create an account (to be verified by admin), post a job opportunity, create a forum topic, and join to other forums, commit to participate in an upcoming event such as homecoming.

Talking about the flow of the Alumni Management System, universities/colleges school alumni will register to the website and this process will need the verification of the school management in order to enlist the alumnus/alumna in the website user. After the admin will verify the user as an alumnus of the school the alumni user can begin to explore the features or functionalities of the system on their side which are the job opportunities posted by other alumni or admin, a list of upcoming events, joining to the forum with the other alumni. For the administrator side of the system, aside from verifying the account and list of alumni, the admin also will manage the gallery to be displayed on the website and the gallery may contain some images of the school events with a short description. The admin will create the about content of the school to be displayed also on the website, this feature helps the school management update the about content of the system easily even without the presence of a developer. The admin can also post a job opportunity and can overwrite or manage the posted job and forum topic of an alumnus/alumni if any instances may occur.


Admin Side 

  • Login Page
    • The page where system admin will submit their system credential to access and manage the system data.
  • Home Page
    • The page where the admin user will be redirected by default after logging into the alumni management system admin side. This page displays the summary or total counts of alumni, posted jobs, forum topics, and upcoming events.
  • Gallery Page
    • The page where the admin user will manage the gallery images and data for the website.
  • Course List
    • The page where the admin will populate and manage the university or college school's courses.
  • Alumni List
    • The page where the alumni list in the system are listed and this the page where can the admin verify the alumnus/alumna's account.
  • Jobs Page
    • The page where all posted jobs are listed and can be managed by the admin.
  • Events Page
    • The page where an admin manages or posts an upcoming event of the school where can alumni can participate.
  • Forum Page
    • The page where all forum topics are listed along with the count of comments if this topic is being shown.
  • User Page
    • The page where an admin user manages the system users.
  • System Settings Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where an admin setup or manages the school information to be shown on the website.

Alumni Side

  • Home Page
    • ​​​​​​​The default page where the user will be redirected when browsing the website and after logging in. This page shows the list of upcoming events.
  • Signup Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where the unregistered alumnus/alumni submit their credentials.
  • Login Modal
    • ​​​​​​​The popup modal where the user submits their system credential in order to access and manage the other feature or functionalities of the system.
  • Gallery Page​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​The page where the images posted by the school's management is being shown.
  • About Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where the page about content is being shown.
  • Job Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where all posted job opportunities are listed.
  • Forum Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where that forum topics are listed and the user can join or read the comments by selecting and viewing a topic.
  • Account Management Page
    • ​​​​​​​The page where can the user update his/her system credentials and information.

How to Run

  1. Download the source code and extract the zip file.
  2. Download or set up any local web server that runs PHP script.
  3. Open the web-server database and create a new database name it alumni_db.
  4. Import the SQL file located in the database folder of the source code.
  5. Copy and paste the source code to the location where your local web server accessing your local projects. Example for XAMPP('C:\xampp\htdocs')
  6. Open a web browser and browse the project. E.g [http://localhost/alumni-management-system] for the alumni side and [http://localhost/alumni-management-system/admin] for the admin side.

Admin Default Access

Username: admin

Password: admin123

I hope this simple Alumni Management System project will help you with what you are looking for. Feel free to download and modify the source code for more enhancements for your project the 

Explore more on this website for more source codes and tutorials.


Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Can you help me to make the forum being approved by the admin first before it can be post?
Submitted byChaitu18 (not verified)on Fri, 01/29/2021 - 19:21

When i try to login, it shows email or password is incorrect
Submitted byFUSHEINI ABUBAKARI (not verified)on Mon, 02/01/2021 - 23:10

Please I can't update the registered users details even the administrator's account. Keeps reporting "email already exist". Please if you can help I would be much grateful.
Submitted bySudhin (not verified)on Sat, 03/06/2021 - 10:18

I can't delete alumni's from alumni list. When i click delete button it starts loading but the loading never ends

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