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This greatly helps to those who currently developing an online online grading system, this i made for my students to view thier grades via online, it also showcases the use of css(cascading style sheet), javascript,php and odbc connection of databases. or

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hi! anyone can help me a online grading system via php and mysql.. please share for me [email protected]

Can it run in visual basic?

Please Sir, can you help me get the source code for my school project,
My email is [email protected] Thanks

Sir wala ba step by step procedure para mapagana to?

- pahelp nmn po about sa project nming Grading System gamit yung SQL and Netbeans

Hai sir maari po ba ninyo ako tulongan about online Grading System for may method of Research? thank!!!

php nman po ng online grading system with comptation of grades

paanu po malalaman ang password ng system na ginawa mo?


Can somebody write an application to accept student marks and grade the marks using html, javascript, css, php, and mysql...

Please please kindly help me in my Capstone Project. I really need your help.. We are developing an Online Grading System.. Please this would be very great help for us and Im willing to have an arrangement with you.. you can mail me in this address:[email protected]! Hoping for your immediate response. Tnx!

good day sir! why there's no code of computing grades in your program ,can i have it sir...? this is like grading inquiry....can u help meh....

How can i will secure my php code

Anybody encountered some problems about grading system?

Hi po.. anopo ba mga posibleng problema na na encounter nyo sa ONLINE grading system?
kailangan po kasi namin sa thesis..pls help.. tnx po..baka may alam kau.

ahhm tol ask sana ako anu buhh ang gamit kung lagyan ko ng tables ang aking Datasheet form sa admin site ? pra link sa website ko......?

,,,hope to see more codes,,,thanks

,,,yawn!!!!atat nakong magcode jejeje,,kamis magcode sa php mysql,,patulong aman if ever.....thanks for the code me basis nakowh....

patulong naman sa project ko na online sales monitoring and inventory system needed kasi.. than you po!!


IT Administrator
[email protected]

can you help please sir finish my system nhhrapan po kx ako willing po ako mag pay i just nid lng po kx un n lng po prob para matapos na po ako kindly help me sir. sir txt me po here 09229909140

From Head Office ka po ba NG genetic?

can i have a diagram of the system??ill be having a project and i need it about all diagram..need for documentation..

hi sir ..
i have a project in regards about a system using macromedia flash and vb 6.0
and the back end is mysql it will be online....
im violette gay umali...

Im also doing an online grading system and i want someone to help me...i hope you can help me at this time by your free codes...I work it with PHP,MYSQL,javascript and little AJAX/jQuery...

sir pa syntax namn nang online grading system sana matulungan mu ako...tnx1mx ^__^

GALING saludo ako sayu!!!kua

pwede nyo poh ako tulungan sa source codes ng program ko..using php...its all about tattendance and collection monitoringb system..tnx

.........ivy g....

hey when are u gonna post the MYSQL version?

Project po kc nmin sa subject na Software Engineering na gumawa ng System Software...if there's anyone here kind enough to teach me and help me to do my project please with all my gratitude im begging you to teach me...pls pls pls...any idea is accepted as long as maintindihan ko just a beginner po kc...thanks so much.

please email me [email protected]
waiting for positive response...

galing u aman paturo aman oh...hehehe...share your blessings...


I just read and download your online grading system and im thinking that this will help me for my plan to our company. they have a trading or store w/c the location is very far and they want the stock from that store to view from the head office thru online. the system is develop in vb and the database is access. i think this process is very helpfull.
i need your help about this one..temporary i will use php and access as still learning mysql. actually i forgot the root password of mysql thats why i could not use.



if thats the case(forgot the root password).... You could actually set a new instance of mysql. i actually not recommend the php+access integration, for me its php+mysql(highly supported on most servers)... sorry guys... i didnt post yet the php+mysql version of online grading system.... as i was busy on my large project "" ( you could search that on google) jejeje..... maybe if i have find time to do it during my free time.... happy coding (^_^)

hi, when will you post the php and sql of ur online grading system?

This is very good. But what is the username and password .


please i am working to create a chat-room into my final year project (That's Virtual Classroom) using php and mysql. ps do u no how i can implement it this chatting into virtual classroom. This chat will enables lecturer and student to chat togahter when they login
Thanks for your help

cool site here

di ko lam kung anung software ba gagamitin para gumawa ng online!!! kung sa notepad ba sa adobe, flash., etc.,.,

phpmysql + flashcs3 or cs4

you could use PHP + MySQL or ASP.NET(C#) + SQL SERVER 2008 ..... IDE such as Dreamweaver or Visual Studio 200*

dears a lot tools that you can use Either PHP, + MySQL or ASP .NET(C#) + SQL Server

vb6.0 source code lang pls!i need your help.thanks

appreciated if u can do javascript,php,mysql,css,html,ajax,flash in ur online system..

tnx.. if u do, maybe we can exchange idea.. weehaa..


i can do all of that stuff...

including not on your list
1) jquery
2) xml
3) xslt
4) asp .net(C#)
5) silverlight
6) sql server
7) oracle
8) cms (joomla, umbraco)

Good afternoon sir,

can you help me on online grading system via php and with a stand alone database?
i hope with your kind reply
[email protected]

Sir..have u already mastered all of that backend and frontend :)IF you so,then you are a certified web designer.. :))
thats so great..

Consultant / .Net Developer

::[email protected]::


but the online grading system that you make is not practial!
because you make it by PHP+msaccess!
It can not run in Linux!
I don't like MicroSoft!

i will publish PHP + MYSQL Version of this.... Happy coding

Yoh! Great to know you will publish OGS Using PHP MySQL, that's what I Need... Im a PHP + MySQL Developer too, pero hndi p ganun katagal, almost two years pa lang, pero madali ko naman naiintindihan ung mga codes kapag pinag aaralan ko. Don't worry kapag may nagawa akong pede i-share post ko din...

..sir, can u make a online hotel reservation system???datz wat i need in my software engr. now.....pls sir....if possible sir..pls send it to my email,,,,, [email protected]


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