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Welcome back to the updated version of Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET). I have an important update that includes all report that can be seen in VB 6.0 version. I have also fix some minor bugs.
To access VB 6.0 version please click Hotel Reservation System.
The features are the same as the version 1.0 but only upgraded to Visual Basic.NET 2008. You will learn in this program's source code the technique I have used to connect to the database.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

This program (executable and source code) is release under the GNU License to protect the future development of this application.
This will still remain free so everybody may benefit from this program.
If you find this program or source code usefull please don't forget to donate. Your contribution is very much appreciated for the future development of this program.
Account Info:
Username: admin Password: admin
For the database password please read What is the database password.

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


Sir do you have any project using netbeans and mysql on hotel room booking management system..
Sir plzzz help me...

excuse me po...... pwede po patulong

Sir may i ask what version of crystal report did you use

Hello can you send me this project to my email? [email protected]
and please database part as well with database code.
Thank you so much

Thank you sir for this source code. it's a lot of help for us who are having our software engineering projects in i hope you can add some new features in the future. it would be a great help for us next school year when we will have our capstone project. thanks again sir.

I would definitely not recommend these as ways to break the ice however. bdfdackgebdcdbff

Sir, Please kindly provide me a Hotel Management Systems with coding in with font end and back end. I really needed for my project...

Please sent me a coding to my email add - [email protected]

Thanks you

sir i kindly ask for a project to be specific a hotel reservation system designed by visual basic tell mie how i can get one

may i know the password? pls email @ [email protected]

plz can I have vb.solutio

sir can u give me some source of advettisement managemet system and snapshots

this email [email protected]

may i please know the password?

sir, can you send me the username and pword? thanks :) [email protected]

I use VB 2010 but can't to open this project, How can i do? Please help me sir

Email : [email protected]

good afternoon sir,
sir im need of hall booking system project for final year bca

i already forget the codes for connection and i dont remember what should i do to make a connection..

i also not remember the setting of CONTROL PANEL > ADMININSTRATIVE TOOLS > DATA SOURCE (ODBC) > SYSTEM DSN .... and the remaining procedure...

thx for your help..

sir help us to our thesis title,thanks.

I need a project about collage admission form on was found but i can't find it.plz.. help me as well possible.

Sir, pls can you help me staff attendance system using VB 6.0 or any version. This is my email address. [email protected]. It's final year project.

i am trying for opening this project this is not opening
can u tell me that how it will open
please tell me

hi greetings

workful projects

to email [email protected]

give passworld of the


[email protected]

Please help us on our thesis. We already formulated our narrative description and data flow diagram of our flight reservation system. However the problem is how to code it because somehow it wont run because of errors... Please help us..............

Hi sir do not open database password please tell me what is password of database. please send my email id:[email protected]


sir pls tell how to do guest detail after adding guest information including bill information

i want to know when u open the file first time it asks u to locate and connet the database can u help wiht dat code. and in which form name u have made the code so i can refer

For you to see which code I used to locate the database, just the F8 keys to debug the program.

Please sir, thank you for the projects and codes, but please i need to learn how to do it myself... can you help me with a very good tutorial book from a beginner to professional. Thanks

How to run the same code in vb2010?
its giving some error.........

hi.. i just need some source code for my thesis project.. i hope i could have your system source code of thank you :)

can any one help me for inserting data through flexigrid, in vb 2005.
useing c# or

Dear Sir,
Jaypee / A / Admin are not working . what is password for mdb file

Please provide me a database password to [email protected]



This topic helpful to me.

When I refresh the data is required Admin password. Please could you give me. my email: [email protected]

Thank you in advanced,

Best regards,

Ar xiong


Thanks for your effort, but I am wondering if there is any implementation of your system in any hotels ?


Hello, It can be web based hotel reservation?I am willing to donate, can you please help me?Please email me [email protected]


Could you please send me the Manual to run and use this Tool.


Hi Sir.
i Liked your system.
I am curently creating a similar system and would like to have your assistance on how to deploy it (Create the .EXE file linked to the database). I would really appreciate you showing me how you made your application ask to specify the path to the database.
My system is using SQL database 2005 and i'm creating the system with Visual basic 2005.
Please send your reply into my email address montioned above.
Thank you.

Dear Sir,in ,in our office we have 3 departments. each department can chage the data in database( form).i want to get current inforamtion.(ex: when i open my form,employee name is abc,id is 1, same time in another department person chaged to employee name abcxyz, when i navigate my record to employee id 2 and navigate to back emp id 1 , system should show the employee name abcxyz.
Please Give which type connection i have to use?

thank you sir,
lingaiah (UAE)

i learn from your program many good use to create query inside the form on running time.
Great work!!!!

your program not work in right manner when we want to the change the room.

one issue occur when we want to the cancel Reservation.

but working of the using the code is great.
thank you for the code.
Best wises.......

pls give me G

Am very grateful for been a source of help for me in the life of programming... but i will like to request for a video tutorial on the Hotel Reservation System in vb8 in order go get the breakdown and the understanding of the source code...hope to hear from you...thanks

how to create account statement with MS Access Database in VB.NET

hello sir, i am a student of bca final year. i really like your project and want to show it as my final project but i can't understand how could i show text property of textbox as you did in this project. pls pls pls pls guide so i will be highly thankfull to you.
my email-id is [email protected]

Hi, could you pls help me in doing Automated Document System (Log Monitoring Database for Outgoing and Incoming documents/Parcel). I'm planning to use Visual Basic 6.0, your thoughts would be appreciated!!! :) Thank you

Btw do you have a memory card on your brain?(joke) coz doing this stuff is so hard, to memorize all the codes. you're a genius!!!


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