What is the database password?

I received a lot of question regarding the password of a database in any of the program like Hotel Reservation System.

To find the password for the database all you have to do is to look for the connection string of the database in the source code. Most of the programmer, if not all, embed the password in the connection string.

To find it easily, open the code editor window in visual basic and find the term "password" or "pwd".

To have a better picture please watch this video tutorial.

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I like your code for POS system. thats great. i have few challanges 1. how i receipt for credit sales 2. how i return cash sales or make avoid to sale made already i was also suggesting if it is possible you add the following to credit sales. 1. add a scored card for credit rating 2.age analysi for credit accounts 3. an accounting for module that is the trialbalance 3.client statement for credit sales 5. and eamil and sms facility for creditors notifications/reminders 6.audit trail i am also confused on the logic of the system , thats, is for someone to make a purchase order yu will have to define yu stock .please you yu explain on the system functionality, if possible sent me a flow chat. if can finish early my customization to you good code , i will post my changes , including the above. i also have a drving school mamangement system. i will want it i will post it THats in advance Ray C .

Hi, The logic of this application is very simple. First you place a purchase order with the basic information about what products you are going to purchase and the number of items, price, etc. For the features that you are looking I will add it on the next version of this program.
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the database pasword is jaypee
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pls what is the pwd to login as an admin from the applicaation. the pwd: 1 is not correct. Thanks
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Hi, When I try to run any reports its asking for username and password, I tried checking the connection string where password mentioned as "jaypee" however it doesnt work. moreover the database path name its shows as "F:\Project\Hotel Management\ VB\Data\data" but I dont have "F" drive in my computer. but i tried opening data.mdb file there also its asking for the password, but there 'jaypee' password will work(when file opened directly). Is there anyway we can change the Database path mentioned in this project? and I think u will better understand if you run yourself. if somebody has solution for this please email me on [email protected], it really helps me a lot. Thank you.
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when i am compiling servers exe the following message appears [Variable not defined. ] What to do? Select Case cboCategory.ListIndex Case 0 strQuery = "Format([DateTimeLogin], 'm/d/yyyy') = #" & BegDate & "#" strQuery = "SELECT * From [Login History Query] Where " & strQuery
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how can i transfer the database of MS Access to a SQL Server? your given system is ok. but i want to use a SQL Server not an MS Access
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Can i ask what is the password in the Database? thanks

sir i dont know if this is the right place to ask this,, pardon me if its note.. i just would like to ask... how to make a login history?
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hi, when i click report and its pop up database login, and the path is F:\Project\Hotel Management\ VB\Data\data what is password for that database login? i try jaypee and it doesnt work.. and can i change the path? from where?? thanks :)
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hi, when i click report and its pop up database login, and the path is F:\Project\Hotel Management\ VB\Data\data what is password for that database login? plss email: [email protected]

Hi! I have been trying to email you, hopefully you get this. I sent out an invitation for my bridal and accidentally put your email as the reply email. Please if you are receiving any email about a bridal shower, can you let me know??
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Dear Ms/Mr. I would like to know database password for hotel management system.. pls email me @ [email protected] Thanks for a great help. Mansi.
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Please Sir I hope you can send me as soon as possible the password of the database. My e-mail is [email protected] Best Wishes
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sir naparan, we would like to ask the password of the Billing System for dental clinic .. for our case study .. thank you :)) (from Philippines)
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what is the database password in payroll management software?

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what the password for user and manager account