Get Youtube Video Thumbnails using VB 2008

This sample program demonstrates how to get youtube video thumbnails using VB 2008. Just enter the video URL at the textbox then using simple string manipulation, the program extracts the video id from the URL. The video id is the unique identifier of the video generated by youtube when the video was uploaded. This video id is necessary for retrieving the thumbnails for the videos.

Using RFID in VB6

Im back again this time i will show how to use RFID Reader in VB6 Currently im developing Loadable E-Pass System for a confidential client and i want to share some of of codes regarding RFID and VB6. These is pretty straight forward i used MSCOMM (serial library in .NET) component in order to read /write buffer connected to PC's serial/usb port. This is done by using the oncomm() event in order to

How to Prevent Events to Fire More Than Once

[inline:RemoveHandler.jpg=How to Prevent Events to Fire More Than Once]

If you are new to VB.NET most likely you encounter a problem with events like TextChanged or ValueChanged events.

In VB 6.0, change event is not fired when changing a value programmatically. However, in the .NET version this has been changed.

In order to avoid this problem you need to call a RemoveHandler Statement.

The following code is an example of this.