Guide to the HyperLinkField


If we use GridViewin, we see Hyperlinkfield, at first time we thought that it is very easy to use but at another second we get confuse how to use it so I am going to focus on using it in a Gridview which is populated from database the main thing of HyperLinkField is work like a regular hyperlink in our GridView. The main four properties are here concerned are: 1). DataTextField,

Replace “\n” with “<BR\>”


We got some problem in storing newline character in database. This will help the developers in most of the development conditions.There are lot of times we accept user input in a textarea or a multiline textbox and save it to a database. But while displaying the data from the database, you will find that the line breaks are not displayed properly, infact there will be no line breaks. We will need to convert all the new line characters (”\n” character) to “

Sending SMS using AT Commands via GSM Modem/GSM Phone (receiving SMS-updated)

THE FULL SEND AND RECEIVED SMS SERVER with complete Source Codes for developers are available to purchase. .NET version is also available Feel free to contact me at the addresses and links below: Demo: This a sample how to send SMS using AT Commands like in Hyper Terminal via GSM Modem or

Sending Data via parallel port using INPOUT32.dll

Sample how to send data to LPT or printer port using INPOUT32.dll from Lakeview Research.. .NET version be sure you write the correct data coz this may cause to crash ur pc... Hope u like it.. Questions and Request , Design Project ? Mobile +639399393702 +639155338048 Blog Site http://www

Simple remote MySQL database in VB Application

a simple database app that can be used to manipulate your website's MYSQL database, applicable in administrating your web databse from your Windows based PC .Connection is via MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver. CAn perform CRUD and it shows how to connect and query records in a remote server (for this sample i used using ADOdb control and datagrid to show data from remote server.. I'll Post

How to Retrieve and Save Data using TextBox Control

This tutorial is part of Database Programming Made Easy Series.

In this tutorial you will learn in different ways on how to retrieve and save data using textbox control.

First we retrieve the data using Data Readers and save it back using ExecuteNonQuery.

Second we will use Dataset and Data Adapter. The same output but with different approach.

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Text to Speech (one line of Code)

This is a demonstration of Text to speech using microsoft Speech Object Library with one line one code... I used this TTS features in my Home Automation with voice control, CAI progrms(computer Aided instructions), Expert Systems and Voice Tutorials Systems.. Hope you like it!!! Questions,? Tutorials,Project Request, Custom Sofware/Design Projects contact me.. Mobile +639399393702 +639155338048