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General Description

The purpose of the project is to develop an easy to use expense tracking system. Users should be able to
register in the system, put down their expenses categorized by tags, and get some statistics about their

Software should implement the following use cases:

• Register and login
• Edit tags
• Record amount spent and mark it with a tag
• View, edit and delete expense records
• Display statistics for the given period of time. Statistics should display total amount spent and
amount spent by each tag, including its percentage in overall expense amount.

•.NET Framework 4.0, C# Language
• Asp.Net MVC 3
•Entity Framework

• Complete source code (Visual Studio 2010 Project)
• Database File (Foo.bak) SQL Server 2008 R2
• Libraries Included

Note: After the database file is mounted on the server (Sql server 2008) please modify web.config and change the node with right "data source" a.k.a server name, "initial catalogue" a.k.a database name AND user credential

Happy Coding...

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Learning c# and database to enhance my skills

single view should return more than one model any sample projects please post..

i have no idea how to run the program

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