How to Add Bootstrap Modal View in Asp.Net Webform Tutorial

This is a short tutorial of how to create/add a simple Bootstrap Modal View into an ASP.Net project. The tutorial can help you to know what are the requirements and how it is being done. This will also helps you to understand how to add/convert the modal view into project. Here, I will show the code that present a modal button which fires/open the modal when clicked. In the same page the

Transport Mangement System

Currently, the transport department of Africa University operates 50 vehicles including private cars, buses and Lories they serve for different purposes like transporting goods, employees and students to and from different places using a manual system. Due to the expansion of the campus and the fleet it is becoming very difficult for the logistics department to do the job of(receiving transport

Online Restaurant Management System

This Project is developed using ASP.NET web forms, C# and SQL Server 2012 database.. Its a perfect project for learning web development in It has excellent user interface. Main features are : 1. Products Management 2. Customers Management 3. Orders Management 4. Paypal Payment Gateway Integration and Many more For students or anyone else who needs program or source code for thesis writing

Online Art Gallery

Artbeat is online shopping website which displays art products. Website Contains shopping cart and category wise gallery. It also provides admin login with the add product and delete product compatibility. Provides user login and password management. Admin reports are not included in this version. Technologies :- Asp.Net with c#, Sql database, Bootstrap3.

Matrimony Dating Website Using ASP.NET

Matrimonial website fully coded and functional Written in 2010 using VB, and sql server Fully functional matrimonial website Members Registration(google signup) Members Search Upload/ Delete Photos Forums Vorting/Poll Text Chat (WEBRTC) Video Calling(WEBRTC) Admin Panel Moderator Panel We ourself was using this code for over 3 years There is a Readme.txt file , go throught it for

Transportation System For Online Using ASP.NET

This Project was Developed By Online Team Of Technology in Somali Student which is SIMAD UNIVERSITY this can be used only for Education purpose --------------------- It will Be to Module ===== Admin module Username: hani Password: 123 ======== User Module Username: nasri Password: 123 Extract Website Firs Using Winrar,ZIP First Attach The Website in the Visual Studio 1- Go File Menue 2- Open Web

Online Car Selling Site

This is one of my university semester projects. This is my car selling project. The logic behind this site is that user make first his account then he will select cars he want to buy. The cars came from database and only those cars he want to buy. He will then select a car, enter his credit card. When he clicks buy button, it will first verify weather it has sufficient amount in bank or not. Then