Transportation System For Online Using ASP.NET

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This Project was Developed By Online Team Of Technology in Somali Student which is SIMAD UNIVERSITY
this can be used only for Education purpose


It will Be to Module
Admin module
Username: hani
Password: 123
User Module
Username: nasri
Password: 123

Extract Website Firs Using Winrar,ZIP

First Attach The Website in the Visual Studio

1- Go File Menue
2- Open Web Site
3- Select The Folder Of the Website which is Called Online PIL System

You Must Change the Data Source :

1- Go Edit Menue While you open your Website
2- Find and Replace
3- Replace in Files

The Dialog Will Open

1- Find what : enter HASHI\SQLEXPRESS
2- Replace with Copy your SQL server Name or . or (local) or samething like Name Server\SQLEXPRESS
3 Replace All

The Project will work

Any Help Can tact me

Email : [email protected]
Tell: 00252615586693

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plz send me this project as soon as possible..
[email protected]

please send me complte project

sxb waa system fiican thanks lkn wax baa ka qaldan

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