Stocks Inventory System

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Stocks Inventory System of Negros State College of Agriculture-Hinoba-an Campus.

In ADMIN password: POS
on CASHIER password: siscash


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Please how do i run the system after have downloaded it?

pwede po ba palagay dito ung buong program ung wala na pong babaguhin ty po kailangan po tlga sa thesis eh :).


can you help me in creating my system in PHP with MYSQL and codeigniter

stock monitoring system with stock status inquiry via sms.

Send the password for login form..

In ADMIN password: POS
on CASHIER password: siscash

Download and Install this first before running the program!!

an error occur wyl opening this says "Component 'QProGIF.ocx' or one of its dependencies are not correctly registered:a file is missing or invalod "
-- how can i solve this ? help pls TY

i'm new at this so i dont know how to run the program, how can i open it ?, there only appears a lot of files

i tried inatalling the exe file. but a pop-up screen appeared. here is the error. Component "qProGIF.ocx" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered.: a file is missing or invalid...

PLS i need help

Run time error "91"

i hate my self for seeing that

fix it brother :D
I used Xp service pack 3

In the program folder.. find there the "INSTALL FIRST".. whelch buttons.. install it first before running the program.

Sir how are u?Please send me the password of Admin and Cahier of ur Stock Inventory System through my email address [email protected] i have tried so many times to log in with ur password on the screen but it was not successful.


,dpat po sna my sales n xia pra mas mgnda,,,,
pwd po b palagay ng sales?

meron na yan sales.. lang sa cashier account.. ano ba ibig mong sabihin?

password in mdb: letmein

What is the password form mdb(stock). Can u provide this.

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