Hotel Reservation System

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Free Hotel Reservation System

This is a complete application for Hotel Management System. The source code contain advance programming specially in using SQL Language.
Beginners are advice to learn the manual before using the code. If you want me to continue developing this program please let me know by sending an email under "Contact" page. Please Specify what program you're referring to.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

You are welcome to report any bugs found in this program.
Account information:
username: admin
password: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Note: You must have crystal reports 8.5 in order to open all the reports. If you don't have crystal reports then download the installer below.
Download Hotel Management System v1.0 Installer here.
How to register an ocx file.
Here's the manual.
The VB.NET version of this program can be found here: Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET).
Although programs with free source code are good but sometimes you need a commercial software that will answer your company's need. It's impractical for your business to wait for other people to finish the features that you are looking for. This website is design solely for programmers who want to share common knowledge.

Note: Due to the size or complexity of this submission, the author has submitted it as a .zip file to shorten your download time. After downloading it, you will need a program like Winzip to decompress it.

Virus note: All files are scanned once-a-day by for viruses, but new viruses come out every day, so no prevention program can catch 100% of them.


1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.



i forget to give you my e-mail

[email protected]


I am a level 300 Computer Science Student. i must acknoledge that your codes are really helping me.

Sir "givers never lack". God bless u.

Sir can i plz use part of code on my mini project in billig system?


Yah sure!

You can use part or whole source code I uploaded here.

Just add credits to my code.


hello there, may I ask how can I  connect a visual basic program to a powerpoint presentatiom? Or Can u give me suggestions for any kind of presentation that can be integrate to visual basic program

thanks hoping for your positive response regarding this matter...


you may send your anwer at my email: [email protected]

or [email protected]

What do you mean? A visual basic program that will be run when click in powerpoint? Or a powerpoint presentation that will be integrated within visual basic program?

 aMm pede pO bA mgreQuest ng Source code ng Hotel Management na gawa sa Java, Kelangan Lng po.pls pls pls. paki send nlng po sa email ko. [email protected].

Thanks for sharing your software. It's a great achievement. It will help a lot for begginer programmer as well as senior progammer.

Bangkok hotels

Please debug the program again and send me the unencrypted value for the password field. You can do this using the debug.print.

You may also try my password management program because I'm using the same encryption in that program. You can access it here:

Please tell me as soon as you test this program and if you can login correctly.

January 13, 2009 by Anonymous, 6 hours 49 min ago
Comment id: 174

I'm back. I was not able to post here the picture that you asked for but I can tell you that I was watching the variables during the debugging process and I saw that the password is readed corect from database and also in text box that one readed from user. The problem appears at the uncryption process where that crypted password readed from database is uncrypted but the resulted string is something that looks like a crypted password.
I didn't understood the uncryption algorithm but there seems to be the problem.
Can you recommend something in order to solve this problem?

As database for the new VB 2008 version i would choose MS Access for the reason that is yeasy to be used if you do an installer, takes less space since the sql installation may be requered in many PC, its easier to backuo the database, its easy to make modification etc etc. The only thing that is a disatvantage is to use access in server/client mode, but it is possible to do easily too if you have some it knowledge. If i were in your place i would not be based on poll voting. btw its very important to update your soft to VB 2008 .
JAYPEE but a donation box on you web, i will donate, and use google checkout for donation if possible, cuz im still waiting paypal to verify my account

First of all thank you for your generosity.

With regards to the database for my next upgrade of Hotel Reservation System I agree that MS Access database would be enough for this application. Since the number of client that will be connected to the database is limited to the front desk only and doesn't need a true client/server architecture.

I just created a poll because my purpose is to know some programmer how to use SQL Server.

I hope somebody could reply to this comment as what you really think the best database back end to use in my upcoming upgrade.

Thank you

Good day! Sir when will you release the code for vb 2008 because when i tried to run the source code in a visual studio 2008 i got so many errors especially in the welcome part where the menu tools are in there. Is there any optional way so that i can get rid of the errors??

salamat in advance! ^__^


As of now I cannot tell you when to start working with the 2008 version. I will fix my problem first to my web hosting. If I have enough money to continue running this website then may be two weeks from now I will start working on the .NET version.

You cannot convert this source code to 2008 since there are so many changes in this version.

I hope you can convert this to Visual Sutdio version soon. Good job! :)

Your program is using ms access however we will be using mysql. How should i change it?

hoping for your reply.

[email protected]


I cannot make any changes from ms access to ms sql as of now since I am planning to upgrade this version to VB.NET 2008 and SQL Server. I am waiting for the results of vote regarding the database to use in my next upgrade.

i see, but is it

Yes of course. But there are some slight difference. Stored procedure is one.

Hi good day! Your program is such a big help for us because we have a project which is to create a reservation and billing system.

I just wanna know what version you used for vb? is it visual studio 2008?

In this version I use VB 6.0. Crystal reports is also needed.

Hi, I am trying to creat a project on Hotel management, but unable to do. Can you please help me to do so.

Please send me source code of complete program.

my e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks to you.

You are already in the right direction. Download the source code above.

You need to register first then click on create content link at the right side of the navigation menu.


Everything works fine but when I open any gives an error ...I guess crystal report runtime is can I find out that...

Please download the installer above if you don't have crystal reports installed in your computer. It will give you the runtime library for crystal reports 8.5

hi. Will you help me develop a student management system in VB 2005? If anyone has it, can you help me?It shoul manage only students i.e Registration, Allocation into classes, entry marks, Alumni, Manage attendance, Terminal marks entry and storage(Mark book), e.t.c.

Your help if made soon will be highly appreciated.

my email is [email protected]

This could be a big if not small project that you are asking for. May be you can try submitting this to the forum section under Project Requests.

I suggest you attach your database.

Sorry, as soon as I saved that question I found the installer, right near the download code download link is. Sorry. Salamat.

Hello and thank you for a great program. Can you tell me the exact location of the crystal reports .dll loader you mention at the VB codes site? I've been looking all over and the only .exe I have found is for the billing program. Salamat.

Herman Carnell McCrea

[email protected]

Hi, will there ever be a release for VB 2003?

Yes. But it will not be in VB 2003. Just finish coding enrollment system in VB 2008 and found it good using this version. So, probably I will start coding Hotel Reservation System using VB 2008.

I would however, like to ask what database do you like for Hotel Reservation? SQL Server or MS Access?

hi plz can any one send me a hotel management project with vb as front end and oracle as back end. my email id [email protected]

i would be very Thank full to you.

I have started a project on Hotel Management but when I saw this one.I think this's just all I need.Can I have the full source code tell me what I'll need to do to have it.It'll save a lot of time.My e-mail's [email protected] .Thank you


All you need is to download the source code at the download link above this comment.

Hi all,
I download the exe application and after I tried to login with the user name: admin, password: a
It seems not working, if anyone one can help me with this, just try the application.


I downloaded the exe file and install it on my computer and the username is "admin" and the password is "a".

May be you mistype the password.

Try it again and tell us if it is already working.

I tried several times, even I tried re-install second time, it always shows "Invvalid password, please try again"
I don't know what's really going on?

Are you sure your keyboard is functioning properly? Type letter "a" in a notepad and copy paste that in the password field.

Yes, I'm pretty sure

Open the database called data.mdb under data directory. Open the "users" table and see if the encrypted password is the as "

May I see the screenshot of the login form?

I have the same problem and I can not insert a picture in the comment, but I assure you that Icoppied from notepad the password like "a" and it doesn't work.

I don't understand how it can help you the picture

You can disable the PasswordChar property of the password txtbox in login form. Then try to login and post here the screenshot including the error msg using Blog. You can create a blog here to upload pictures. I disabled attaching of pictures here in comments.

How can I create that blog to post the image?

I disabled PasswordChar property and I copied that strange char that apear in the text box during the running of the program and I tried to paste it in Notepad but that strange char was transformed in 'a' when I paste it. But I still get that error

Idon't understand how is helping that picture you but I also have the same problem

It may be something related to the ODBC engine?

I'm back. I was not able to post here the picture that you asked for but I can tell you that I was watching the variables during the debugging process and I saw that the password is readed corect from database and also in text box that one readed from user. The problem appears at the uncryption process where that crypted password readed from database is uncrypted but the resulted string is something that looks like a crypted password.
I didn't understood the uncryption algorithm but there seems to be the problem.
Can you recommend something in order to solve this problem?

I am not using ODBC to connect to the database except the reports.

Very nice. Keep up the good work!

please give me the password for the email address is [email protected]

You can find the password in the source code. Open the project and go to module called modAdo.

The password is embedded in the OpenDB function.


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