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The source code contain advance coding specially on how to manipulate data using SQL Language. You will appreciate how I use the WHERE Clause statement to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE record from the database using a combination of sql statement.
Basic features include:

  1. Monthly Charges
  2. Receive Payment
  3. Customer Ledger
  4. Collectibles
  5. Paid Charges
  6. Payment History
  7. Reporting
  8. And a lot more...

Account information
username: adminpassword: a
For the database password please read FAQ.
Download Billing System v1.0 Installer here.
Note: If you come from just to download the ocx file please download the full source code below. The ocx file is included in the zip file.

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[email protected]:

I want each steps for
develope a hotel bill

plz.. send me the coding for Elevator billing software.
mail id: [email protected]
thank you....

I would like to request you all the people having computer knowledge. Because I don't have that much knowledge about computer knowledge, why becuase I am a Paramedico meand Lab technician.
I would like to prepare a REPORT PRINTING SOFTWARE FOR MY HOSPITAL . please send the code or project or programe to [email protected]

my name is ahmad im fro m kurdistan im male im 20 years old im student . me pleas add all [email protected]

can you plz help me in the form desine of the billing system of a sport shop i will like to see you in my id
[email protected]

i Punit Kasundra :

Hey Dear Friends I Wanna Gone To Make My Own Jewelery Management System Projects In "P.H.P."

So Please Corporate Dear Friends....

You Can Also Send Me On This Coding & Designing To My Mail-Address...


Here i read the source codes.. which is very nice... if u can possible please send the project file of billing with inventory system management.... [email protected] Regads. Satheesh.

I want to print the tamil letters in billing software. Can you help me ....

My email id is [email protected]

i'm in an idea to create a billing software for my uncle's ice cream parlour.. could anyone pls help me what r the neccesities to be needed.. this i want to submit in my college project.. my mail id is [email protected]

i'm dilip
im trying to generate bill number in 2008
{ i tried this coding but i didn't get the accurate solution }
i.e., dim i as integer =8
i = i + "2"
debug . write ( i )
global variable Dim i as integer = 1
Dim i as integer = 1
biltextbox.text = "IN"&date.Now.ToString("ddmmyy")&i.tostring("000")

Sir, Where can i download Crystal report for free for VB6. Because some applications here uses Crystal Report. This is my email. [email protected]. Thanks Sir.


Thanks in Advance.....

hi sir i m renu
sir plz tell me user name and password for hotel management system and billing system

hi there,
Sir, Where can i download Crystal report for free for VB 6.0. Because some applications here uses Crystal e mail:[email protected]

how to make an utlilities billing system like electric bills plss help me,, in my system

sir my name is manoj , i want to do mseb software so i cannot understand which type we can do project so you can give me forms in for mseb software so please help me.thankyou

please i need a program clinic management system sent the program to [email protected]

Hi all

I am srinivas - wrokign as a senior software engineer -

If you want any softwares please contact - srinivas

(vb6.0 - 2005/2008, 2005/2008 / backend - ms office/ sql server)

[email protected]

sir i need your billing software codes in vb ,here i cant get the .download source does not exist can u help me sir my email id is [email protected]

Hello sir, i want the code for sendinng and Receiving SMS in java.Plz send me the code.
My email id is
[email protected]

please sir send me the code for d above program also d entrire project.
on [email protected]

give the information about the code pls... email me at [email protected] thanks..

hi sir
i'm student i make my clg project i won't to make shope management releted project with using vb but i'm not master in vb so plz i' wont to help so,,,

sir i am download a source code of billing system and also install it on my pc when i am open software they will prompt me please enter usernam and password.kindly send me username and password at [email protected]


Can you help me design my database by prividing me with abstracts, templets and samples.
My email is [email protected].

can you send the billing system in textile shop by c++... please sir.....

hello mam, sir,
pls help me how to computing a water billing system in visual basic 2008?
by using a sql server 2005
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send me in my yahoo [email protected]
thank ulit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May I know the database password for billing system.
my email address is [email protected]


I am making a restaurant management system in java. In it i store records of different KOT nos.(Kitchen Order tocken) corresponding to a particular table no in different rows of mysql database's table. I want to generate a receipt of particular KOT no entered at the run time. plz help me with the source code..
Thanks in advance...:)
my email id: [email protected]


pls. send me code for billing cable tv using visual basic.

[email protected]

i m IT DIPLOMA student.i want to make my project on electricity billing system using & Microsoft plz send me it source code.
my email : [email protected]

hie this is punit i want to make a software that makes a bill of people give donations or alms to a temple, with database and requirements to make this software,,,,, plz assisit.......

hello SIR.
my email id [email protected].

i would like to get notes from u on how to make this billing system, if it costs any thn i will also like to knoe about it,,,,,,,

i have downloaded your billing system its exactly meets requirements of mine, m really hankfull to u for ur software,
god bless you...........

i am a IT DIPLOMA student.
i need the source coding of :
MSEB Bill Generation in C++.
can u please help me?
before it is too late.
my email id is:
[email protected]
i'll be thankful to you.

dear sir/madam;
i am a trainer of vb6.0 and sql server but i cont do this activity properly like add_new_record; delete_record; update_record; view_record etc by sql server. plz send me small project or code for this solution on my personal email id;
[email protected]

I am going to Develop one Billing software with Barcode on vb6 with ms-Access could u send any sample code pls

Password needed in order to unlock the Database.

Can you mail me the same at [email protected]


thanks bro, your code help me alot

May I know the database password for billing system.
my email address is [email protected]


Sir, send me your password of your database..plzzzzz

[email protected] that is email add.. thank you so much sir..more power!!!!

sir please could you send me the code for billing for a laptop in c?
it should make the bill of the purchase made.
it may have other accessories added in the bill itself.
like headphones,mouse,pd,av software, cleaning kit,etc.
he should use the search function in c efficiently to find the price of the entered laptop.

can u send me the password for the access thx my email is [email protected]

hiiii i m kriti srivastava
plz send me a project which related to any type of bill (telephone bill,electricity bill,medical bill,hotelbill......)
plz send me its very urgent
i m waiting

[email protected]

can u send me the password for the access this is may e-add [email protected] thank you

I am going to Develop one tamil Billing software with Barcode on with sql server could u send any sample code pls

plz send d mail my mail id was [email protected]

I had got a billing software with barcode from Webdots with online,offline POD bill
if needed get him @ [email protected] (+91-8807799282)

for queries mail me

hellow sir please send me the code of above system in advanced java in my email on [email protected]......... please


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