Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET)

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Welcome back to the updated version of Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET). I have an important update that includes all report that can be seen in VB 6.0 version. I have also fix some minor bugs.
To access VB 6.0 version please click Hotel Reservation System.
The features are the same as the version 1.0 but only upgraded to Visual Basic.NET 2008. You will learn in this program's source code the technique I have used to connect to the database.
Basic features:

  1. Guest reservation
  2. Billing System
  3. Change room
  4. Multiple account per room
  5. Guest report
  6. Other charges

This program (executable and source code) is release under the GNU License to protect the future development of this application.
This will still remain free so everybody may benefit from this program.
If you find this program or source code usefull please don't forget to donate. Your contribution is very much appreciated for the future development of this program.
Account Info:
Username: admin Password: admin
For the database password please read What is the database password.

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Comments name kash from india
i need your help to give me source code &some new ideas about hotel management.........

[email protected]

thanks very mush for your work. i want to do a project like yours but using sql2000 database. so please help me on connecting to sql2000.

If you just need on how to connect to sql server 2000 then I suggest you take a lot at my enrollment system source code.

is this program run through browser? ? ?

Nope. This is a desktop application.

im my techer give me a problem about Printing reports;

he didnt teach us how; Id try my research and still he's not

satisfied to my work:

T[VB-6] Using MS ACCESS as database platform

Can you help me. just a little sample. tnx n GOD BLESS

[email protected]

What kind of reports he/she needs? A crystal reports or data report?

sir can i ask? does create web based projects? ? is it run through browser? ? thanks^^

Yes. You have the option of what project you want to create under the file menu.

This is an excellent program

my query is if I can send this program in 2003 my query is if I can send this program in 2003 or 2005

Thank you very much Thank you very much.

May be in 2005. But you cannot degrade the code to 2003. I am using datagridview control which is not available in version 2003.

can you help me with my thesis..

hotel reservation system with sms
i think your program is the best source i can have for now..
please contact me
[email protected]
thanks in advance..

Why you want to integrate sms in hotel reservation system?

Este es un excelente Programa

mi consulta es si me puede enviar este programa en 2003
o 2005.

Muchas gracias

what is the different between 2005 and 2008

thank you...

Visit Microsoft website for more info on the difference between this two version.

Can you not use crystal reports 8.5 for the reporting?
I'm doing a similar project, and your code is a very good reference!
But I'm wondering would you be able to modify the code not to use crystal reports?

my email:[email protected]

Please let me know your opinions, let's discuss!

Thank you very much

Crystal reports 8.5 I think is no longer support with VB.NET 2008. Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi there!

May I know what other output material aside from crystalreport? And May I know if this output material can be download or it is on the VB component....

Thanks in advance!!

You're great Bro!!

For VB.NET you don't have any other option except to use crystal reports. Data report was discontinued after VB 6.0.

sir this is not open on my system i m very worried plz help me to open this file i have downloaded 2005 and sql server 2005.....plz give me the solution at

[email protected]

as soon as possible. i will be very thank ful to u plz help me.....

amna from pakistan....

Hello Jomar,
Your Hotel Reservation System is Great, I have been working on a similar system for some time using visual basic 2008, Ms Access 2007 & Crystal Reports 12. I have a favor to ask can you guide me with the code for reserving multiple rooms for a particular group booking environment. I have multiple buildings in the program hence there would be multiple rooms booking in every building under one person or organization.
Any help in this situation would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is possible. All you need I think is to input the company name under the company input box in Check In form.

dear sir

i just want a simple banking system develop using 2005 and SQL 2005..

i already in creating a banking system but i hv lot of problems so i hope you will help me..

there are diposit, withdraw, personal check form with rates

i hope your feed back soon

thhank you very muvh sir.....

Any one who can help me hotel reservation project with middle scope

Thank u

Dear Sir,
How can I have list of rooms for each day between Date In and Date Out?
Thank you in advance

Best regards

Are you asking about the report within this date?

Dear Sir,
I must ask you again how can I have list of rooms for each day between Date In and Date Out?
Thank you in advance

Best regards

Do you want the vb 6 version of the version? Because I don't have plan of modifying the version 6 of hotel management system.

Yes, thank you very much.

Please I would like to communicate with you more you have really inspired me.

I am very thankful to u for ur project and for source codding.
u r doing so nice & easily understandable codding.
thank you

sir, , do you have monitoring system or time scheduling? plz send me the file if you have ok thnx, , , nga pla, , , send mo na dhin yung sa PHP na code kapag meron kng extra tym ok salamat , , ,

god bless^_^

What kind of monitoring system? For time scheduling, I'm still don't have time to do it.

For PHP code on how to send mail, it will be uploaded later on.

monitoring of the time schedule of the proffesor, room, and subject, ,

kahit ano basta pwding mag lagay ng daytime schedule

thnx pho, , name dedi from indonesia.
i need your help for give me source code pascal triangle using javascript..
like this :

1 1
1 2 1
1 3 3 1
1 4 6 4 1
1 5 1010 5 1
please send this source to
[email protected]

btw,Thank you very much


Do you have Html code for "check in". I want to learn how to make same Check in above as HTML web source. please there should be one.

I don't have plan in making a web interface for this. Because a lot of project is already available from the internet.

Hello Jomar,
I am working on a project for a charitable institution and I need to print the donation receipts but when I use Crystal Report viewer , it shows me all the records and I have to choose the donation receipt from within the records. Can you please help me as to how I can view only the current record of the form on which I have entered information. I am using Visual Basic 2008 , Crystal Reports XII and MSAccess 2007. I enter the information on a form which is connected to access database and a crystal report which is bound to that data table. I have a link on the form for viewing the report in which I want just the current record to be displayed, eg. I have 10 records in the Donation table and I have enetered information for the 11th record, I just want the 11th record to be displayed in crystal report viewer when I click on the report link button. Kindly help me. I have seen your VB6 Hotel Management program and I really thank you for providing such a professional work for us beginners to learn from.

This can be done by using the RecordSelectionFormula properties of ReportDocument.

In my payroll system I used the following code to filter the date.

  1. rptReports.RecordSelectionFormula = "{Payroll.FromPay} = #" & Format(frmDialog.FromPay.Text, "short date") & "# AND {Payroll.ToPay} = #" & Format(frmDialog.ToPay.Text, "Short Date") & "#"

So, in your case you can filter your record by using the primary key of your table.


  1. rptReports.RecordSelectionFormula = "{YourTable.YourPrimaryKey} = " & frmYourForm.txtPrimaryKey.Text

sir do u can help me?
sir do u have any project about the attendance system or absence system?

Sorry but I don't have one.

mr..can u check my project coding?
i can email to you...
i used RFID to applied my software...

halu bro meron ka bang program na gawa sa visual studio 2005 pwede ko bang makita? o kaya bigyan mo ako ng site mo..f ok lang sayo?tnx

Currently all the source code from VB 6.0 are upgraded to VB.NET 2008 and not 2005. Kindly browse the .NET category to find one.

God bless you!!! for sharing some of your work.

I found something in your code. and I have some suggestions for you

  1. Private Function IsOpen(ByVal nameForm As String) As Boolean
  2. Dim childfrm As Form
  3. Dim strName As String
  4. Dim intLastIndex As Integer
  6. For Each childfrm In Me.MdiChildren
  7. strName = childfrm.GetType.ToString
  8. intLastIndex = strName.LastIndexOf(".")
  9. strName = Mid(strName, intLastIndex + 2, Len(strName) - intLastIndex)
  10. If LCase(strName) = LCase(nameForm) Then
  11. childfrm.BringToFront()
  12. Return True
  13. End If
  14. Next
  15. Return False
  16. End Function

you could replace that using this one

  1. public bool Show_Form(Form frm)
  2. {
  3. if (frm.Visible)
  4. {
  5. frm.Focus();
  6. return true;
  7. }
  8. return false;
  9. }

in your form create variable like this ex:

  1. public static Form1 myForm = new Form1();

and add a code in your form load

  1. myForm = this;

and for the calling assume you have a navigation control

  1. private void navBarControl1_LinkClicked(object sender, NavBarLinkEventArgs e)
  2. {
  3. Form frm = null;
  5. switch(e.Link.Caption)
  6. {
  7. case "Form1":
  8. frm = new Form1();
  9. if (Show_Form(Form1.myForm) == true) return;
  10. break;
  11. }
  13. frm.MdiParent = this;
  14. frm.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
  15. frm.Show();
  16. }

you can optimize your code using that.
that is only an advise example.

you can use myForm variable by calling your object in your forms.

ex: create a textbox then make it public modifier

you can access it using Form1.myForm.textBox1.Text = "Hello";
or if you have a public int variable Form1.myForm.myVar = 1;

Hope this helps. Keep your good work man!

Thanks again! MABUHAY!

PS: re write it using

Rodentor Sano

Hi Bro,

Just seen your webpage. It's great!

I'll try it out if I have time.

Thanks for the code.

Sir ,
Please tell me when will the full version of the Hotel Management Project be released. I wish to know how to change the status of a room from vacant to occupied after providing details in the Check-In section. Kindly reply soon.

The status is also working since the 2nd release of this version. For the full version I do not know yet when can I have some time to modify this. I'm kinda busy with paid service right now.

Have you actually tried to use your so called Hotel Reservation System (VB.NET)?
What does this mean:
If blnActive = IsOpen("frmReservationList") then
When you never assign blnActive a value.

Try changing a date on a reservation, or changing the rate.

This was a poor effort that needs much work before it could ever even be considered a beta. And you are trying to portray it as sample code?

Try again.


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