HTML/CSS Tutorial

How To Use Modal Bootstrap

Modal Bootstrap

In this tutorial, we are going talk about on Modal Bootstrap. We all know that bootstrap is the front-end designing purpose and this is suit for the mobile for the responsive function. Everyone can learn bootstrap in easy ways even you are a beginner. Today, we talk about the Modal Bootstrap. It is one of the familiar to use in Bootstrap plugin. It contains CSS, jQuery, plugins and other components. We can use to have a sign-up form, confirmation to delete data, and to edit data, etc.

How To Create Simple Color Picker

A color picker is a color tool or it’s a color application that usually found on the internet, which the users allows choosing the color that he/she want. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about on How To Create Simple Color Picker. In this example, we’re using CSS style to display the color board. By clicking the respective color in the board we are using jQuery CSS function to pick and apply the colors to the empty space.


This is HTML code for displaying color board to pick your color that you want.

CSS Geometric Shapes

We all know that CSS stands for (Cascading Style Sheets). It can manage the layout of your multifarious web pages at once… And it saves a lot of jobs. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about on CSS Geometric Shapes. We can make it without using images. Most of them are draw using CSS. This is for the beginners.

How To Make Grid and List View Option Using HTML/CSS

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn How To Make Grid and List View Option. In this project, you can manage your content easily by viewing optionally. We have two types to view our content. We have Grid and List View in this project. For the ListView, it is item-by-item of records of names, things and others in our content or in the linearly ordered data structure. For the GridView, is a versatile control used to accept and display on a web page.

Animation Timing Function in CSS3

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about animation-timing-function. What is animation-timing-function? animation-timing-function property specifies the speed curve of the animation. The speed curve defines the amount of time an animation uses to change from one set of CSS styles to another. Syntax of this property: animation-timing-function: linear | ease | ease-in | ease-out | ease-in-out | cubic-bezier (n,n,n,n) | ini

How to use for Loop Structure

The following java program application uses a for Looping Structure. The initial statement, loop condition, and update statement are enclosed within parenthesis and control the body of the for statement. Note that the for loop control statements are separated by semicolons and that the body of a for loop can have either a simple or compound statement. . I will be using the JCreator IDE in developing the program.

DateTimePicker Using Twitter Bootstrap

In this tutorial, I'm going to show how to use the datetime picker using bootstrap framework. Datetime picker, allows user to select Day, Month and Year as well as the time picking for Hour and Minute. This time lets start building this project. But before this, make sure you have already downloaded the bootstrap-datepicker. Next, let’s create an html file. And will save it as “index.html” inside datepicker folder in our localserver.