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Microsoft Updates Windows Notepad App With These New Features

The Microsoft Windows Notepad app is undeniably one of the utilities that are useful to a programmer, a blogger, a batch file creator, or just someone using the computer for a task. Though it may not appear as a really giant app, its use and how it makes a developer or blogger's work more convenient is unquestionable. It is ideal for typing a random text that a computer user wants to save and as well as for making HTML pages or batch files. For years, the Windows Notepad app has maintained a simple interface that sometimes prompts users to hope for an update.

4 Prominent Male Programmers Whose Contributions Are Extremely Significant

Programming is a very challenging thing to do. Most likely, it is not for people who are not patient enough to take on the same tasks several times just to figure out how something would work best or why it isn't exactly what it is. Although there are also females who ventured and became successful in the field of programming, most of those who take this field are males. There are at least four male programmers who have actually changed how the online world runs with their excellent contribution. 1.

LOOK: Microsoft released Battery Fix For Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates

Good news for all. Microsoft has released an update for the Surface Pro 3. The purpose of this updates is to fix the issues preventing some units from holding a full battery charge. Microsoft comes up with a new and innovative way of preventing some units from holding a full battery charge. According to a report, the Microsoft equates the issue to a broken fuel gauge in a car.

Microsoft Addresses Battery Problems In Surface Pro 3

One of the features that counts when it comes to choosing a gadget or a device is the span or the duration that its battery can last. Most users would love to have a gadget that has battery that can last for days even without charging. The battery duration is one thing that makes a gadget's portability achieved its purpose. A user can drag it anywhere he wants to as long as there is a battery. It is a lot more convenient to have a device that has good battery duration than the one which needs to be charged after a short use. Nevertheless, battery problems can't be avoided in some devices.

New Xbox Controllers Bear Wireless Connectivity Feature

Controllers undeniably give gamers a different experience as compared to keyboards. That could be one reason why computer consoles like that of Play Station can still hook a lot of players despite enormous level ups in personal computers and laptops. With a controller, the gaming world fits in the hand of the gamer. One need not to have eye-to-eye contact with what his fingers are pressing.

Unveiling Updates On Play Station Gaming: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

Play Station gaming gives a different thrill compared to what the mobile gaming offers. Two have their own peculiar features that hook gamers and make them want to play for more. The main differences are the screen and the portability. Playing through a Play Station will give gamers a wider view of the game as television screens are much wider compared to screens of mobile phones.

Windows 10 Levels Up To Red Stone 3 By 2017

Microsoft is undeniably a computer software giant in the field of technology. Through the years, its upgrades, innovations, and progress have scaled higher and higher. It is friendly to computer users. It was just a few years ago when it launched the Windows 10 that really made a mark in the digital history. Basic computer interface jumped a big leap and landed to an upgrade that features both the basic and the tiled version. But Microsoft does not want to end there.

Windows Defender May Be Activated on Unprotected PCs By Microsoft

It is rumored that the Windows Defender will be automatically activated by Microsoft for those PCs that are left behind in the update. This news came out by Microsoft on Monday Afternoon. The security officials at Microsoft were speaking about this on their latest Security Intelligence Report and it is scheduled to be released today. As per Microsoft’s policy, they want to move their users from Windows XP to a new and more secure operating system.