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Windows 10 Levels Up To Red Stone 3 By 2017

Microsoft is undeniably a computer software giant in the field of technology. Through the years, its upgrades, innovations, and progress have scaled higher and higher. It is friendly to computer users.

It was just a few years ago when it launched the Windows 10 that really made a mark in the digital history. Basic computer interface jumped a big leap and landed to an upgrade that features both the basic and the tiled version.

But Microsoft does not want to end there. Before 2017 ends, it has even a lot more planned upgrades on its Windows 10.

Recently reported in Inquirer, it will be leveling up to Red Stone 2 and 3 before next year bids its finale. Currently, the Red Stone 1 is the anniversary update of Windows 10.

According to the report, The Verge affirmed that there is a big possibility that the updates will be related to the updates in Microsoft Surface Book and Pro which will take effect soon.

In terms of details on the updates, no specific features were released but there is a hope that it would be another phenomenon in the digital world.

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