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Unveiling Updates On Play Station Gaming: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo

Play Station gaming gives a different thrill compared to what the mobile gaming offers. Two have their own peculiar features that hook gamers and make them want to play for more. The main differences are the screen and the portability. Playing through a Play Station will give gamers a wider view of the game as television screens are much wider compared to screens of mobile phones. On the other side, when it comes to portability, mobile games can be played anywhere while Play Station games, except Portable Play Station (PSP), are most likely limited within the comfort of the home. Nevertheless, each continues to upgrade as years come to pass. Annually, there are always updates, modifications, and new releases in the field of gaming. Specifically in the field of Play Station gaming, companies that creates Play Station, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, continue to upgrade and come up with better models. A recent report in Inquirer entails the launching of new Play Station consoles. On the event of Microsoft's E3 Keynote, the Xbox One S has already been announced. On the side of Sony, September 7 will mark the unveiling of the new PS 4.5 Neo that will come in a slimmer version according to TechRadar. Another Play Station giant, Nintendo, will also be unveiling its Nintendo NX next year - March being the specific target month of the unveiling. This shows that despite new inventions in the field of gaming, the engaging feeling that the Play Station offers still continues to light the fire within every gamer. Thank you so much for reading this article. Feel free to drop down comments, insights, or questions below and visit our blog site more often for more informative updates that are truly worth a second to spare on.

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