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Student Project Allocation and Management System using PHP with Source Code

This project is entitled Student Project Allocation and Management System. This system allocates the project to the students in a school. The system stores the list of projects, students, and system users. The source code is easy to understand which would be a lot easier for the newbies to learn with. The system uses CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operations which is the common operation

Modern Ticket Reservation System using PHP and Semantic UI with Source Code

This project is entitled Modern Ticket Reservation System. this project was developed using PHP Language. This project is a simple ticket booking/reservation system that uses Semantic UI for the front-end and MySQL Database. The system automatically generates the Reference number of the Reservation and displays the reservation form step by step. This system has 2 side of user interface which is

Online Exam System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This simple project is entitled Online Exam System. This system was developed using PHP Programming Language. The system is a simple online platform that manages simple exam questions and provides users an online answer sheet. This web application has 2 types of users which are the administrator and the normal users. The administrator user is in charge of managing the questions and choices of each

Online Boat Reservation System using PHP with Source Code

This is an Online Boat Reservation System for Renting a Motorboat. The system provides the motorboat's rental business clients an online platform where they can reserve their boats they wanted on their desired dates. The system has an Admin Panel in which the admin user or the management manages the list of boats for rentals and the reservation of their clients. The system has a pleasant user

Inventory and Monitoring System using PHP with Source Code

Hi! This is an Inventory and Monitoring System Project in PHP and MySQL database. The system was mainly built/developed to manage a certain pharmacy's stock/items. The system will help the pharmacy's management to monitor their stock in and stock out easily. They can easily restock the items and remove the expired medicinal drugs from the stock list. The system has also a simple sales transaction

Simple Student Report System in PHP/MYSQL with Source Code

This is a Simple Student Report System in PHP/Mysql and I hope it will benefit some new programmers. This project is free and you can edit and add some new cool features as you may wish. With this simple project, IT/CS students or anyone who is learning PHP will learn some useful techniques and methods for their future PHP Project Development. I develop this web application using HTML, PHP, MySQL

Simple Employee Records System using PHP with Source Code

Hey guys! This is a simple project created with PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript (jQuery and Ajax) that stores employee's personal information including their Image and any other national identity card. You can add other users to also help manage the system and assign them user roles. This simple project can help IT/CS students and self-learners learn how to create a Web Application that has CRUD

How to Save and Load Data from Database Without refreshing the page using PHP and Ajax

Hi everyone, The feature of this tutorial is it allows you to save data to the database and display data from the database without refreshing the page. I used Ajax and PHP in this tutorial. Our goal for this tutorial is to create a simple web application that has a simple form that will result an automatic load the data after the success response of saving the data. To start the coding let's follow the steps provided below.

Creating a Pop-up Notification using PHP, AJAX, and Bootstrap

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple pop-up notification using AJAX/JQuery. In this tutorial, I've set up the notification to appear at the bottom but you can change its position depending on your preference. Also, I've used bootstrap to slightly improve the visuals. We will use Ajax to sent the data of our form upon submission to process with the back-end scripts without leaving or the page.

Note: Scripts and CSS used in this tutorial are hosted.

Creating our Database

The first and most important step in to create our database.