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How to Save and Load Data from Database Without refreshing the page using PHP and Ajax

Hi everyone, The feature of this tutorial is it allows you to save data to the database and display data from the database without refreshing the page. I used Ajax and PHP in this tutorial. Our goal for this tutorial is to create a simple web application that has a simple form that will result an automatic load the data after the success response of saving the data. To start the coding let's follow the steps provided below.

Creating a Pop-up Notification using PHP, AJAX, and Bootstrap

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple pop-up notification using AJAX/JQuery. In this tutorial, I've set up the notification to appear at the bottom but you can change its position depending on your preference. Also, I've used bootstrap to slightly improve the visuals. We will use Ajax to sent the data of our form upon submission to process with the back-end scripts without leaving or the page.

Note: Scripts and CSS used in this tutorial are hosted.

Creating our Database

The first and most important step in to create our database.

Simple Public Chat Room Using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

This is a Simple Chat System wherein you can send messages to the public. This simple system requires users to register and login in order to join the public chat. The system is programmed using PHP, MySQL Database, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), and MySQLi procedural method. The user can also update his/her account details. Features: Login Registration Send Message to Public Update Account

Simple Attendance Record System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

The Simple Attendance Record System was build using PHP, Javascript / MySQLi. This system is capable of recording the attendance of every student, it uses an AJAX script to make the system more interactive. This application is a user-friendly kind of system, feel free to modify it. About The Simple Attendance Record System will help you learn how to use PHP CRUD functions with Ajax. The system has

Event Calendar Integration in PHP/MySQLi, JQuery with Full Source Code

Event Calendar Integration in PHP/MySQLi, JQuery with Full Source Code The Calendar Integration is a simple project that is developed using PHP, JavaScript and MySQL database. If you are looking for a full calendar plugin for your project or website? This one is just right for you. It is so easy to understand that you won’t find any difficulty in dealing with all the functions. About the Event

Theme Park Ticketing System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Theme Park Ticketing System using PHP/MySQLi About The Theme Park Ticketing System is a simple PHP/MySQLi project that helps manages and generates the visitors' tickets in a theme or amusement park. The system can generate a various ticket at once in different types and all of the tickets has a unique ticket number. The theme park management or administrator can set up different pricing

Enrollment System Project with Source Code Using PHP/MySQL

The Enrollment System using PHP/MySQL is a project to manage the record of enrolled students of a certain school. This project was developed using HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (jQuery / Ajax) and Bootstrap for the design. About The Enrollment System project manages the records of the enrolled students of a certain school. The system can only be managed by the admin users, which means students and

Online Bus Booking System Project Using PHP/MySQL

The Online Bus Booking System is a project using PHP/MySQL. This project also used jQuery and Ajax to make user interaction or experience be much better when handling a form. To develop the system, I used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery/ Ajax), and Bootsrap. About the Project The Online Bus Booking System is a system that manages the bus company booking or ticketing processes. On the system