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KSII Town Online Car Parking Reservation System is a system developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql and javascript. It has client area with secure login enables one to reserve a parking lot/space online. With admin you can access all transaction, view parking history, clear parking lots, add streets and parking lots, freeze a user, assign duties and more.

I developed this project for a University student and passed. He said the panel liked it and it gave him little time to gain their confidence.

If you want its database,any project development or modification please email me: v i n n y m o s h @ g m a i l . c o m
Whatsapp: +254708222536
My Website: Vincent Mogaka

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Please email me the complete source code [email protected]

Please email me the database to my email [email protected]
its a nice project, i'm using it for learning purposes

hello sir please send me admin id and password at [email protected]

Hello sir please send user name and password at [email protected] please send it as as possible because i need it on urgent basis

Send me source code of online car parking system [email protected]

hi, please send me the project with the database,.please thank you,.

[email protected]

Nice work! Thanks for giving this free.

Pls send me source code of the project & also admin I'd and admin password.
[email protected]

please send the admin id and password at [email protected]. Thanks

please send me admin id and password at [email protected]

hello sir please send me admin id and password at [email protected]

Good, now you can find my sourcecodes on
Join today and download for free. You can also submit your projects.

Downloaded Project is missing DB(.sql) file. Can i get it?
If yes please, could you please email me db structure at [email protected].
Thanks in advance.

email me the sourcecode and the database to my [email protected]
its a nice project have been looking for , for learning purposes

Well Vinny Mosh, well done! It is good project you have made. I was randomly searching for car parking online registration and found yours but it was nice to see it. Mysql is one of the most used backend/database these days that you have used. Good luck for your project. I can suggest you of Tech Support Los Angeles which will help you whenever you got any problem in your project coding. Thanks.

plz send me the source code of your project...i need mail id [email protected]

Please send me the sorce code and db at [email protected] ,thanks in advance

Hey sorry for not replying to you guys for the reasons I could not avoid, am now back and readily available. Whatsapp/Call: +254.708.222.536

Great project work. I have reffed this project for my php learning work and I also expecting from you different kind of codes for studying people. I have plan to start a essay works website like this one essay writing service reviews. Please helping me to find the good easy PHP codes

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