Enrollment System v1.0

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This is a complete enrollment system that you can use in recording a students information. I started working with this project using MS Access. One of the best feature of this system is the use of a parent/child to grand child using Windows Form and a DataGridView control.

A must have features:

1. Automatic loading of subject/course from Regular Load table in Student's Information form under the School Year & Course tab.
2. A parameterized dataset in Student's Information form to search for lastname.
3. A combobox, button and checkbox inside a grid.
4. Regular Load masterfile.
5. Advance reports using stored procedure.

And a lot more.

I have provided a video tutorial so that questions will be minimize on this code. You can access it here: https://www.sourcecodester.com/blog/enrollment-system-v10-video-tutorial.html.

Note: You need VB.NET version 2008 and SQL Server 2000 or above in order to run this program.

To do list:

1. Auto increment IDNo.
2. Transcript of Records report - I hope somebody can help me of this report.

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Useful post , I was fascinated by the information . Does anyone know if my assistant might be able to acquire a blank UnitedHealthCare Employee Enrollment Form version to edit ?

pls help to finethe codes for student master files through visual basic 6.0 with the data base access....
help me dis our requirements in ur major as it student...

Guys, anyone can make this VB.net as a normal application? I mean .exe? I really want to try this out.

Pwede nyo po ba syang gawing Application? So I can test it out?

How can I open this Application?

i m a begginer plz could any one of u send me the source code of attendence management system and proxy management system either in asp..
or either in c....plz its urgent...my email id is [email protected]...i 'll highly obilizd...if u send me ////

hello there !
Please help me in doing a program of an enrollment system .. pease........

hi dz is christopher calimag student of pamantasan ng montalban .i need to know ho to create a enrollment system

i'm leshell will u please help me to run a program using turbo c in enrollment system & i need the codes send at my yahoo leshell[email protected] & my #09474000720 thanks,,,i will wait ur feedback... :)

hey guys..please help me with my thesis..please:))
High School Enrollment System..thanks..
send me some information on how will i start all those things.. send it here- [email protected] you:)

Ilove the software.will you mind to send me the software vb net version 2008 and sql server 2000 please.or send me a download link

What is the crystal report Version, you are using for this Program.. thanks

i need sample code for the enrollment system in highschool and the sample of design to use in web using php code..
i hope u can help me about enrollment system...
this is my [email protected]

can you help me out on dis! i need a program pls. its enrollment and grading system. combine together vb6. pls help me! sakit na ng ulo ko! help help help asap

can you convert your system into an online enrollment system?


In ms access 3 table (tblContinent,tblCountry,TblState). We adding a continent and country each table through vb 6 create a form for continent and country separate forms. Now i want to add the state in the state table, in the state table continent,country and state. Now i select the continent the corresponding country is not display, all the country are display.... i want to display corresponding country display. give me a solution fore this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sir can you send me a full documentation of Online Enrollment System
i need your help sir.. thanks .. please mail me ..

[email protected]

please can you send me on my email a full documentation on online enrollment system..please thank you...

can you give me .. a simple title in system.?

sir send me a documentation of enrollment information my email address is [email protected]

thank you po :)

Hi sir

i need your help, cause i need to make a project which is the enrollment system using
Visual Basic 6.0 which will connect with database. .
please. . . . . this is my email address [email protected]

plz send me the project report..."student enrollment and automation"
[email protected]

gud day! sir /madam,i have a thesis this coming month,and it is all about enrollment sys. can u give me an idea on how to make it easy?coz from now on,i have only few knowldge bout it . ty much! more power!!

hi am not familiar here and am happy to get in here coz hope you will be ma hero.
i instructed to create a program i mentioned above by using visual basic 6.0 but i don't have an idea to come with a complete running program please help me

[email protected]

How can i edit using datagrid which the data transfer into textbox?

please help me i make an enrollment system using only the visual basic 6.0 please help...this is my gmail account..

[email protected]

thank you

sir pls help me in my project in java that will be submitted on monday..a simple system that uses netbeans and will be connected to jdbc/odbc..you can reach me through my email at [email protected] and god bles...more power!!!

Hi sir!

Pls sir, i am a bca student,i need a full project on enrollment system using vb 6.0 this is my e-mail address. [email protected]

Thanks! godbless!

'in (declarations) section of (general)
Dim numyears As Integer, maxenroll As Single
Private Sub cmddraw_Click()
'line charts of college enrollments
numyears = 5
ReDim label(1 To numyears) As String
ReDim male(1 To numyears) As Single
ReDim female(1 To numyears) As Single
ReDim total(1 To numyears) As Single
Call readdata(label(), male(), female(), total())
Call drawaxes
Call drawdata(male(), female(), total())
Call showtitle
Call showlabels(label())
Call showlegend
End Sub

Private Sub drawaxes()
'draw axes
picenroll.Scale (-1, 1.2 * maxenroll)-(numyears + 1, -0.2 * maxenroll)
picenroll.Line (-1, 0)-(numyears + 1, 0)
picenroll.Line (0, -0.1 * maxenroll)-(0, 1.1 * maxenroll)
End Sub

Private Sub drawdata(male() As Single, female() As Single, total() As Single)
Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To numyears
If i < numyears Then
'draw lines connecting data points
picenroll.DrawStyle = 2
picenroll.Line (i, male(i))-(i + 1, male(i + 1))
picenroll.DrawStyle = 1
picenroll.Line (i, female(i))-(i + 1, female(i + 1))
picenroll.DrawStyle = 0
picenroll.Line (i, total(i))-(i + 1, total(i + 1))
End If
'draw small circle around data points
picenroll.Circle (i, male(i)), 0.01 * numyears
picenroll.Circle (i, female(i)), 0.01 * numyears
picenroll.Circle (i, total(i)), 0.01 * numyears
Next i
End Sub

Private Sub locate(x As Single, y As Single)
picenroll.CurrentX = x
picenroll.CurrentY = y
End Sub

Private Sub readdata(label() As String, male() As Single, female() As Single, total() As Single)
'the two lines above should be enter as one line
Dim i As Integer
'assume the data has been placed in the file"ENROLLMF.TXT"
'as year ,male,female
'(first line of file is "1960,283,170)
'read data into arrays,find highest enrollment

maxenroll = 0
For i = 1 To numyear
Input #1, label(i), female(i)
total(i) = male(i) + female(i)
If maxenroll < total(i) Then
maxenroll = total(i)
End If
Next i
Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub showlabels(label() As String)
Dim i As Integer, lbl As String, lblwid As Single
Dim lblhght As Single, tickfactor As Single
'draw tick marks and label them
For i = 1 To numyears
lbl = Right(label(i), 2)
lblwid = picenroll.TextWidth(lbl)
tickfactor = 0.02 * maxenroll
picenroll.Line (i, -tickfactor)-(i, tickfactor)
Call locate(i - lblwid / 2, -tickfactor)
picenroll.Print lbl
Next i
lbl = Str(maxenroll)
lblwid = picenroll.TextWidth(lbl)
lblhght = picenroll.TextHeight(lbl)
tickfactor = 0.02 * numyear
picenroll.Line (-tickfactor, maxenroll)-(tickfactor, maxenroll)
Call locate(-tickfactor - lblwid, maxenroll - lblhght / 2)
picenroll.Print lbl
End Sub

Private Sub showlegend()
'show legebd
picenroll.DrawStyle = 2
picenroll.Line (0.1, 1.05 * maxenroll)-(0.9, 1.05 * maxenroll)
Call locate(1, 1.1 * maxenroll)
picenroll.Print "male"
picenroll.DrawStyle = 1
picenroll.Line (0.1, 0.95 * maxenroll)-(0.9, 0.95 * maxenroll)
Call locate(1, maxenroll)
picenroll.Print "female"
picenroll.DrawStyle = 0
picenroll.Line (0.1, 0.9 * maxenroll)-(0.9, 0.85 * maxenroll)
Call locate(1, 0.9 * maxenroll)
picenroll.Print "total"
End Sub

Private Sub showtitle()
'display source and title
Call locate(-0.5, -0.1 * maxenroll)
picenroll.Print "source:statistical abstract of theunited states"
Call locate(0.5, 1.2 * maxenroll)
picenroll.Print "college enrollment(in thousands)"
End Sub

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sir, can you please help me with my project? i have to search for a complete system which is an enrollment system then i need to plot its DFD, ERD and its Flowcharts (Program and System). i really need some help. please :( this is my email address: [email protected]. i would really appreciate some help. thanks :)

good day,

our, final project is to make an enrollment system...
can you help me to make a java program using NEATBEANS ..
i really need the codes....
kindly send the codes in my email...
[email protected]..
thank you very much....
i'm waiting for your reply....

this is from cotabato.. .
i'm very in terested with programming i want to learn more of it can you train me?

Sir can you send me a complete enrollment System?


tnx sir god blss u !

sir. plz.Sir can you send me a complete teacher profile System with a source code?

this is my email add, [email protected]

thank you sir.

Pls sir, i am a bca student,i need a full project on enrollment system using vb.NET this is my e-mail address. [email protected]

.. Good after noon sir.. help me to do a CAI or if its ok please gave at list example of cai im hoping for you consederation

hi sir....

i have a problem in my "Thesis" in my subject Object Oriented Programming...
my instructor was assign.to me 2 make a Enroll System.....
i hope So you can help me

plz....help us to make da Enroll System

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thank you...
please help me...

I have a fully functional Enrolment & Registration System developed in ASP/MySQL... you can email at [email protected] if you need help for this.


anyone can send me a copy of this software....need asap..pls..my email is
[email protected]

can you please me in system development.. the title is ENROLLMENT SYSTEm .. i badly needed it for my thesis.. thank you please email me at >>> [email protected]

can i ask for a help ? can u send me the codes of the enrolment system ? thank you here's my email [email protected]

can anyone please help me, do you have any idea regarding this system?
can you send me a copy?

[email protected].

i will very much appreciate it.

Pls..help me.what are the report needed for enrolment!!!!!thank you!!!!!!!!!

1st year palang po DIT po kailangan po namin gumawa ng system about enrollment pero d pa kami tinuturuan ng teacher nmin kung paano mag program pwede niyo po akong tulungan sa aking problema? add niu na lang po ako sa fb [email protected]

sir can u help me how can i start making high school enrollment system?
because this is our thesis..
thank you sir

what is your course? add me on facebook and i will give you the details
[email protected]


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