visual basic .net

Domain Checker + Pinger

This program is designed to check if a client can access a domain or not if they think it is down, it also pings the domain. If the domain is not accessible it will say "Site is Down" in red and vice versa in green. The program pings the site and if the ping is below 100 the ping will be green, if its above 100 it'll be yellow and above 300 is red. For basic programmers and beginners.

Employee’s Registration System

A very simple employee’s registration system that allows you to search field based on ComboBox. The result is filtered using LIKE operator in a Dataset TableAdapter. Simple to understand native Visual Basic .NET code using OLEDB provider. No complex code required to create this simple database application. All is done using a wizard, except the search function.

How to Store Data Under %appdata% Using Visual Basic .NET

Sometimes we need to store some data or files under %appdata%. If you are using Windows 7 you can find this folder under C:\Users\Username\AppData.

AppData is a folder used to store information like cookies, Libraries, program settings, temporary files, templates, etc.

By using this folder you are certain that your settings are being protected by Windows.

To access this folder, all you have to do is use the following code:

Banking System

This is an unfinished project for Banking System. I just want to upload it here so you will have an idea before the system becomes so complicated for a newbie’s programmer. The system has a functional customer’s profile, login system, manager user account, server path configuration, and a simple report. I am using SQL Server 2000 as a database server so you can upgrade it to a newer version of SQL

CheckBox Control with MySQL

Another source code on how to populate a CheckBox control with data, this time by using MySQL. In order to run this program you need to install the database included in the TreeView Control with MySQL. This program needs the Products table from the Northwind database which I ported to MySQL. Again the purpose of this code is to show you how to easily populate checkbox control with data. For more

ComboBox Control with MySQL

This program will use the database from the previous source code called DataGridView Control with MySQL. You can use this program without downloading the previous source code by importing the SQL file to the northwind database. If you like you can use different name for the database. Just make sure to change the connection string to the name you choose. I just modified the source code from our