How to Make Library System

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In this tutorial I will explain to you on how to make a library system out of the box. The model we used to create a sample program can be access at Library Management Software page.

In order to understand this tutorial, you must have a basic knowledge on how to open Microsoft access, its table, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules. Although this can be discuss somewhere in the tutorial I highly recommend you to play around the environment of ms access.

This tutorial is intended only for beginners who always ask common question. If you are an advance programmer please do suggest a topic that you like most that would be beneficial to the reader.

A topic will be listed below in chronological order according to its importance in making a library system. I will, however, change the order of the topic by adding or removing, if I found some topic to be useful as we go along.

Table of Contents

  1. Create a Library System Database
  2. Books Acquisition
    1. Creating a Table and Relationship
      • Books Acquisition
      • Books Copyright
      • Books Accession
      • Subject
    2. Creating a Form
      • Master/Parent Form
      • Detail/Child Form
  3. Library Members
    1. Creating a Table
      • Members
      • Member Type
      • Course
    2. Creating a Form
  4. Borrowing of Books
    1. Creating a Table
    2. Creating a Form
    3. Creating Queries
  5. Returning of Books
    1. Creating a Table
    2. Creating a Form
    3. Creating Queries

Although you can jump right away to the topic or sub topic but I suggest you follow the order to avoid confusion later.

Since this program has been created in year 1999, there are some tables or queries which do not follow the correct naming convention. In this case, I will try to change it in this tutorial. But still the output must be the same with the model.

If you found some topic that is missing or I forgot to include in which you think a must have tutorial please don’t forget to right a comment below.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this tutorial you will learn how to work with Microsoft Access including table, queries, forms, macros and modules.

Note: Due to my hectic schedule I may not able to finish this tutorial. If you wish to study the source code yourself please download a copy at this link:

Library System


I am currently preparing some MS Access tutorials and it will be available soon

Your may contact me to have a first hand access to the tutorial on +2348036434648 or [email protected]



That would be great! Microsoft Access is also the best application for small to medium size business.

If I have time I will upload the MS Access version of my inventory system.

Your tutorial will help visitors in understand my source code better.


can u give me a sample of library system using vb express 2008??? mail me at [email protected]

That's great! Can I ask for a copy of the application? Thanks.

wow programming made easy to understande thanks alot

I really appreciate your grate efforts. A friend of mine referred me to this site, I visited the site and found a lot of wonders!!!

I have downloaded some of your work. I will try to review them and still get back to you ASAP.

You are really trying. Keep it up!!!

Aweda Akeem

hello i cant run it or access it.plz help me to run this project.

good job!!!

i learned a lot.. Thank i can run my program...

please help me to send the sourcecode and procedure.

Hi im also developing a library system and im running into a lot of troubles, especially regarding the reports and roles, pls advice me on how to tackle the issue

you havent finished it.

we are having a group project making a library system and it is so hard when we create it because of lack of knowledge about it,,,can you help us in making a simple library system?

i also creating library system,,,and haven't so much time to create a database file, codes.....but i am done designing my system.this coming march 18 2011,is my defense day..for my running system.please help me and my group.

my email : [email protected],thanks.

hey, please help me how can i make my own codes???? please send some examples to my email [email protected]
tnx to your kindness

please because i need my project in vb6 this comming weeek

sir do u know how to make library system using SQl??!!

You mean SQL Server database?

i need source code for online librarry management system...
It should have log in facility and fine records too other than issueing and returning a book..
all i need is complete code in SQL........With ER diagram

mail me to
[email protected]

plz help me

plzz mail me d source code for library management
mini project in java
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hello there can u please help me in my special project,,,create library system in visual basic,,,,please..can give me the codes.. more eligible to use..thank is my email [email protected]

can u plz give me a sample of a library system using visual basic 2008......
this is my email....
juzz_tomo[email protected]

hi im raymond...would you please,,can you give me a sample of a library system used by visual basic 6.0 combined with microsoft access 2003.. together with the code..if it is just okay for you..please send to my e-mail at [email protected] for kindness...

Hello i'm Jhane..and i really want to learn on how to make a library system, can you please help me? How can i apply it to visual basic 6.0?

Like others, i also want to have your sample of Library system. Please, and please help me..


sir please send me source code for online library management system in JSP.
my email address is [email protected]


I am kenneth. I really love the program that u have done.. Could u send me the source code, I would love to learn the ropes.

Could u pls send it to my e-mail at [email protected]

Thanks man


Just released it yesterday. Download it anytime.


i need th elibrary source code.... i really amnot able to find it... can you please mail to me at [email protected]

thanks a million

can u send to me the source code on it . . and guide on how to make a library system ? please send sent it to my email [email protected]

sir may u pls send the system of ur program coz i wll just get some base how to make a system...coz im trying to make a video rental system....

really thank u sir...and good job...

[email protected]

From: Joery

Hi there, Am trying to make a library database for a small library in an orphanage in Manila, Philippines. Please could you send me the source code. my email is [email protected]
many thanks

can u give me the sorce code for library managment system project and technologies should be backend as oracle i.e sql and frontend is java

please you kind send me the source code for java in hotel management i really want it because this is my assignment for my teacher it deadline in 8-feb-2010
E-mail: [email protected]
Thank a million !

hey hi!!.....

I want a code or ready made project for library management system with the front-end as c#.NET & back-end as MS Access.

I am finding it very difficult to make forms save the data properly into the database. while saving any record , the record gets inserted but after refreshing the database the record saved recently gets deleted automatically. And even no previous records are getting added.
There is no problem with the code. I checked it. please help me.......

send me the project application or demo programm or ready made project.

mail me at-
[email protected]

Can U please help me to do Library system. I am having a look at your project tutorial at the moment. Can you please send complete turorial to my email ([email protected]) or links to video.


my name is himanshu verma. i need a project of visual foxpro. can you plz help me???

my e-mail id is "[email protected]"

i am doing this project in with c# but in between i get injured and the problem of tailbone subluxation takes place . i am unable to continue my project, & exam is on head. plz help me for giving source code. my id is [email protected]

Hi sir
Pls show mi the code of this system because Im making my project and I need your help.

Thanks and God Bless

Uhm..I'm an Information Technology Student and we are required to create a system using C.. could u help me with this?..
I'm looking forward to a positive answer!..thanks!

email [email protected]

can u give give me a sample to make a library system by using ms acces 2003..

my email: [email protected]





sir i will take my exam tomorrow regarding the library system.. pls parang awa nyo na po pasend naman yung source code ng inyong library system.. kahit konti lang po... pls po parang awa nyo na.. kindly send it at [email protected] thanks po. pag nakapasa ako ililibre kita kahit saan. ehehe. salamat po ulit!


the blog has really helped me and i can now say with a degree of confidence that is the thing.
do you have any code samples for a hospital? or just a logical design.
email to [email protected]

i have to make a program for library management system using java.can u plz hlp m with the source code..
i will b rly grateful 2 u
my id [email protected]?

I need help sir in making a lib system using vb6, can you help me sir for the source code.
is your library system using access has an available source code for vb6?
i was new in using vb6 sir
I will surely appreciate it if you can help me and send the code in my email.
[email protected]

thank you sir


Hello Im richmon Pañares.,., please help me to make a library System please send me your codes in my email,,[email protected] Im student of Zamboanga del sur in Phl.can you help me sir???

can you help me on how to create a simple code on library system using visual basic 6.0..
mail me at [email protected]

can you give me a source code regarding library system.
mail me at
[email protected]

thank you


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