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Due to the enormous request from my visitor asking for the source code of Library Management Software, No I am giving you all the code so you may use it as a reference to your project.

I wish I could finish the tutorial on How to Make Library System. But due to the hectic schedule I am force to prioritize other project.

For you to understand better on how this program works please visit Library Management Software.

You may also wish to visit Library System Source Code for the list of features.

For testing purposes on borrowing of books please use the following info:

Member ID: 1001
Accession No: 205

There is an error if you choose other “accession no” that don’t have date received value under DateReceived field in Books Accession table. I don’t know what happen since this is working fine before and from the original source.

Account information:

username: admin
password: lib

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2. NEVER, EVER run compiled files (.exe's, .ocx's, .dll's etc.)--only run source code.


hi; can u give a source code of library system pls. my email: [email protected]
thanks alot

Hello Every one!
If any one need any help regarding, How to make library digitalize, OR regarding how to make online public access catalogue, than feel free to contact; [email protected]

Please send me your source code. I need a guide on doing my library system. Please please send it in my email if ever you will help me [email protected] / [email protected]

i am working a project in database for online library manegment system and send me the source code at [email protected]

I would like to know steps by step instruction to use KOHA application. Could you please?

can i have your admin and password pls.. may email add: [email protected]
thanks a lot.

Give Admin Password and etc.....

sir can you please email me the username and password. my email id is [email protected]
thank you.

can you send me user name and password for this source code ?

my email: [email protected]

thanks alot.


hii........send me username and password for ibrary system if u got it plz.its [email protected] plz

sir I want to learn more about ms access. can you please send me the user name and password for the source code, here my email. [email protected]

thanks alot!


plzz.... send me ur source code as zip or rar @ this add..

[email protected]

pls can u send the source code of this project to me? I can't find it here,pls. And thanks,u did a great job. My email address is [email protected]. thanks.

can u make it in vb 6.0

Hi sir, can pls. send me the code to this email [email protected] thank you very much

hi sir i wish to use this. Can you plz tell me how do i get the source code of this prog
My e-mail id is [email protected]

I wish to do a project in Library Management System.So plz can u send me the source code to my email id:[email protected]

can u give me the code for this.. tnx [email protected]

i like this really give me knowledge about vb. .

Sir can u send me a copy of this system..

this is my email: [email protected]

thanks a lot sir..

sir plss help me for my library system.can u send me ur full code of this system.. tnxs..
[email protected]

sir kindly send me the source code and the user id and password of the library management software on my email id:

[email protected]

[email protected]

please sir please please its a very interesting project. please send me the requested information please.

Sir i request you to pl send me the source code for library managemnet system using Asp.NET with VB.... Im supposed to present this in the following week ,.kindly help sir.. my mail id is [email protected]


the user name and password provided does not work to log on to the system has it been changed would it be possible to have that information..


Sir plz send me cd library management system project code in c plz send to my email [email protected]

hello Sir how to Create a library System in VB.Net plz Reply to my mail
[email protected]

We can Insert Four Coloum value in a ten coloum of the table using Sql-Server 2005 throught Visual C# Application,

How can do this?

plz send me a Source code,
My Eamil [email protected]

master can u help me w/ my codes in our library management system, we have to develop the system, we want to create 1 button that automatically display the daily inventory of the books and we really need a code for that command. my email add is [email protected] pls. help me tnx

Hi Admin,
Can you send documentation to [email protected] on how you created the fine if the book is overdue



thanx a lot for letting us download the source code. it'll help me a lot lot in doing my project in SAD.Im also doing a library system but in vb..

where did you see the source code cant find it.. can u send it to my email? thanks! [email protected]

Hello Sir,
How to write a programe in Microsoft Access 2010
What is Captach Technique, how to implement it???

Reply soon

Thank You!!!

Dear Jay,

I hope you don't get this message twice as I posted before I logged in.

I am administering a small library in a Palliative Care Facility, and presently have Microsoft Access 2000. Will you source code work in this version? We are a volunteer organization with no funds to upgrade Access.

Thanks for your help,

your so amazing............

hi sir..
i need html coding for library management system
may you upload it soon....

Hi sir,

Can you please send me the html code for libraray managemwent sytem, i will be very thankful to you sir,,please

...can you pls help me to make a library system...just a simple and basic library system..!!! it will be our final requirements for the final examination!!! me.,[email protected] my email ad!!! tnx!!

Hi there!!! gud day 2 u!!
I just wanna ask your kind heart to please help me in my thesis somewhat similar 2 ur library system.. Can i ask 4 d code (not the entire code in ur system),just a portion of it specially in the adding of infos. like what you r entering in ur form in visual basic lyk borrowers nym, book titlr,etc??
iIm hoping i can gain cooperation from u!!! pls??!!!
F u happen to decide pls let me know at [email protected]
tnx again..

hlo sir;

can u give a source code of library system

my email: [email protected]

plssss sir..
thank you

sir can you give me the flow chart of online library system. please!
and the advantage of online library system.
i need it in my project.

hi i need to develop my company catalog cd but its already having in vb but i dont know vb so i need to develop the same cd as in java platform.............can u help me n pls send the example code to this mail id [email protected]

friend.., may i know the source code of your LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM?
just e-mail me at: [email protected]

sir can you help me to create a library system using net beans 6.7>??

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir....
i really nid it....
and for the codes also..
i really dont have any idea in creating a library system..
thank you for your concern..

how can i find the codes?were using visual basic

what are the codes for using command buttons?this is our first time to create a system...can u help us?palaging syntax error

hai sir im izha can u pls help me for my project a aotamated library i get the code of your library system

i m looking for library system project in html programming.. pl help

I want library management project with full of html source code... please it was argent

Hello! Imma student from Minscat. I need to know what are the environment of Accounting System. Have you alredi compiled such program, If yes, pls help! tnx. Even just an Idea.


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