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As I have promise before to upload my Library System Source Code here. I clean up all unnecessary data last night so I can upload the software.
But instead of sharing the whole source code, I will upload first the compiled code and I will make a tutorial on how I programmed the library management system. In this way, I can eliminate some problem from beginners asking common question like how to open and or how to operate the application.
Although it would be beneficial to all to have the whole source code but I must give some little priority first to the beginner so they can also catch up on what I am doing.
But at the end of the tutorial I will surely upload again the whole source code. For the list of features of this software please visit the library system source code blog.
I have also prepared a simple demo on how to run the system.
Account information:
username: adminpassword: lib
You can now access the tutorial at How to Make Library System.

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1. Re-scan downloaded files using your personal virus checker before using it.
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Your Library Management Software is not with the username and password. I cant get in to use teh software. Please do provide me with the authentication information. Your may wish to send me SMS to +2348036434648 or to my mail [email protected]


The username and password is embedded in the video tutorial.

Anyway, I will add it in the description so you don't need to watch the video.

Hi Mr,

Would you like to send me the source code for library MGT .
[email protected]

Not at this time. I still need to clean some portion of it.

i download this code but i dont know how to use it..

tell me how u do this..

i also need the coding including username and password. can you send me the coding please at this email id [email protected]

hello i am sandeep

Hello, I have downloaded the source code. But it contains one HTML file & a .mde extension file.
I was expecting some .cs or vb source code files :)

This is made in MS Access database. You cannot expect .cs or vb source code here.

Am Clara here... Pls i need the library management system source code in vb.... Am in urgent need of it.. pls do send that to [email protected] pls Mr. Friend.. do it fast...

could u plz upload it.its very urgent.......................

I'm still preparing for the tutorial on how to create this program.

kindly upload this computerized library system on my e-mail account..


[email protected]

okey lang po bah??

badly nidid lang powh talagah!!


i hope for your kind consideration..


tenk yue..


rodessa de villa

My plan is to make a tutorial first on how to create a library system because I know that you will not understand the complexity of the source code if I cannot teach you the basic on this.

But if there's a lot of demand on this may be I can upload it soon.

please send me the sourcecode and procedure in my gmail-id
[email protected]
thank you

sir im a 3rd yr student taking BSIT and i need the source code for the library management system, can you please send it to my mail [email protected] thanks a lot it would help me big time!

im a comsci student...i need some idea on what should i program in our VB subject,..what program can i propose...
email me at this addresses:
[email protected]

tnx a lot....asap plz..?

pls can i have the complete source code of this program for the completion of my thesis.can u send it in my e-mail add.
here is my e-mail add [email protected]
thanks in advance.

realy i am thanks in advance

Gud day to everyone. I am new here, and i find this site a great help to all programmers who want to learn. Anyway,
i have a current inventory and account system which i create using an MSAccess. It has a back-end database table and a front-end. But due to large records, It started to show slow on process when i'm trying to query some records. That's why i'm planning to change my back-end server from MSAccess to MsSql and connect my MSAccess front-end to it. But i don't know what exactly the right way to do it. I tried some examples in the web but failed. So please help me what is the simplest way to make a server using mssql and then i want to connect my front-end msaccess from it. Thank you.

Even if you change your backend from ms access to ms sql you will still experience slowness on your data.

The best way to optimize this is to query only the necessary data. In my experience if your record reaches more than 65,000 record you need to filter it by running a query.

But if you still would like to use ms sql the best approach is to use odbc. You can link ms sql database directly from ms access using odbc.

oic. thanks for the reply. what is the best way to query a thousands of records? mostly my query if there are thousands of records, it begin to show a slow down. Is there any procedure to solve this problem?

Using a query with WHERE clause.

oic. thanks for the reply. what is the best way to query a thousands of records? mostly my query if there are thousands of records, it begin to show a slow down. Is there any procedure to solve this problem?

pls can i have the complete source code of this program for the completion of my thesis.can u send it in my e-mail add.

[email protected] Thanks in Advance!

i c u got a gud knowledge about computers......
well i needed a lil help.......
well i needed a project some thing diff using either vb or c or java.......can u help me with this.....
my email id is [email protected]
hope u dont turn me down,,,,.,...........

I want to use this LMS in MDB formate but this software is in MDE how i can change it in MDB or Unlock please send me the process. if posible i wolud we very thanksfull to you for your this kindness.

Computer Programmer
Syed Jahangir Shah
[email protected]

I really don't have much time cleaning up my source code so I can't release the mdb yet.

Dear could you tell me how i can remove the protection of LMS

You can remove the protection on this database. It's a compiled code.

Please send me the complete code of library management system to learn the idea of your project .
on my email address
[email protected]

Not now. I still have to create a tutorial for this.

This is a program or sucks poor coder programmer...

Please send me the code of library management system on my e-mail [email protected]

thk u so much

can you please send to my e-mail address the visual basic source code of your library management system...
thank you so's my e-ad [email protected]

boy or man you too much, i like your work.keep it up.

hi i m an engg. student i liked your work i want the source code pf your project in vb and backend sa sql plz email it to me my email id is [email protected]

plz send it to me ASAP

hi sir..can i ask favor..if possible..can i ask the source code enrollment system using vb? plz....tnx

Thanks Mr

I think you are not willing to give its source code for some reason.

I just want to test it.

Thanks anyway

Please read my blog why I don't want to get it now.

Thanks for your help...

i'm going to make Library Management Software so please help me i want source code in c#, my email id is [email protected]

I am making a item loan system in microsoft access. My system only have access 2002. I am almost done, just that I am stuck. My inventory recycles the items issued out as in its only on loan. So the items comes back to be returned (Library System Theory) I need help on how to not double issue items. All the items are with a unique serial number. I need help with issue out and return part. Do get back to me. [email protected] Thank You.

Sorry but I don't get what you mean. Do you mean the borrowing and returning of books?

You see, My staff issues the items out. However I don't want my staff to again key in the same serial number again, be it human mistake or purposely. I need to do like an error msg if the items is already issued out it can't be issued out again unless it has been returned. So I need the lend our returned mechanism. This is where I need help with. Thanks.

Add another field like "Issued" or "Borrowed" with a Yes/No datatype. If the value of the field becomes Yes then make a condition to not issue it again.

[email protected]



MY EMAIL: [email protected]


[email protected]

hi,,,i need a full code of library system.., coz it is my project in database.. i need a code in borrow- return transaction


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