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As I have promise before to upload my Library System Source Code here. I clean up all unnecessary data last night so I can upload the software.
But instead of sharing the whole source code, I will upload first the compiled code and I will make a tutorial on how I programmed the library management system. In this way, I can eliminate some problem from beginners asking common question like how to open and or how to operate the application.
Although it would be beneficial to all to have the whole source code but I must give some little priority first to the beginner so they can also catch up on what I am doing.
But at the end of the tutorial I will surely upload again the whole source code. For the list of features of this software please visit the library system source code blog.
I have also prepared a simple demo on how to run the system.
Account information:
username: adminpassword: lib
You can now access the tutorial at How to Make Library System.

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Thanks for the Library database. An issue that I have run into is that I can't add more books in the current inventory. I can change the information of the preexisting stuff to meet my needs, but I can't add in addition too what already exist. Am I missing something. Thanks for your time and assistance.

Good evening, i do not understand why "admin" post there microsoft access library management project TO VIEW and not allow newbie programmers like myself who desperately seeking source code to allow them to gain a better understanding. I see under the project is 7 pages of poor people begging, 7 pages!!!!!! Why are u not posting the link to the actual source code???????? The name of the website were all these desperate poeple flog to is called: SOURCECODESTER not VIEWMYPROGRAM... Please sir, help these poeple and myself to the ACTUAL SOURCE CODE LINK. Thank you in advance.

pliz help connect data base ms access to c#.
thank you.

Hi I am currently working on a school project were I a required to create a library system so I would love it if you could send me your coding so that I can have something to work on please

hie can please someone assist me i want to do a library system with visual basic 6.0.....
i need the codes

kindly email me at [email protected]

what is the basic codes of this system
im just asking for my thesis and pls help me..
reply me on facebook i need help so please...
this is my account

[email protected]

thanks you very much ihope that you can read my request...:-)

Would you like to send me the M.S mdb or accdb for Library Management or .Library Management Software


[email protected]

i need this code sir.. please help me..
send it to my email...
[email protected]

hi i need a full librarty managemetn source code.. and tell me how to connect ms access to vb 8 also check my last article whatsapp for nokia


please help me with the username and password and who should i sign in as?

source code topic(add new book,List all book,available book,borrowed book,remove book,edit book details,add a member,listing all member,edit a member, remove a member, search for member and book,borrow book, retuning book,list of issued book,reserve a book)this all topic code immediate please in my email id [email protected]

I would love to ask if you can send me the source code for the Library Management Software for my work .
Best Regards
e-mail: [email protected]

Looks like great stuf!


Can you send me the Library Management software. I can make some contribution if it serves my needs.

email: [email protected]

Can anyone of you help me by sending the codes to make a library management system...I need to complete my project...Help me please :) ..... [email protected]

Can any one of you send me the C# coding to make a library system...Plz help me with my project ......

[email protected]

hello sir i need username @ password will u please send it to my email id thanku sir
[email protected]

I need a mini project on department management system in MySql and front end VB.

I did see it yet

public class Book {

String bookname;
Integer bookno;
Integer noofcopies;
public String getBookname() {
return bookname;
public Integer getBookno() {
return bookno;
public Integer getNoofcopies() {
return noofcopies;
public void setBookname(String bookname) {
this.bookname = bookname;
public void setBookno(Integer bookno) {
this.bookno = bookno;
public void setNoofcopies(Integer noofcopies) {
this.noofcopies = noofcopies;


Sir instead of source code u please explain various steps involved in designing and developing this software. It will be of great help. I want to develop this software in java from scratch.

For those who ask for source code, kindly read the article carefully. There's a link in the article that you can follow in order to download the source code.

Hope this helps.

i want to learn more about php and can someone pls help me out

plz send me the vb coding along with the appropriate design.......send to my following mail [email protected]

Hello sir please provide me the sourcecode for doing my project.
My E-mail - [email protected]

pliiiiiz send me the code for this project..
my email address is [email protected].
thankyou in advance.

i want a user id and password...
so,plz send me on this email id.. [email protected]

Please send me the source code and procedure of Library management on my email-id. It's urgent.please send me.
Thank you
[email protected]

computer engenearing

Hi ! HOW are u all? can you please send me library system code using sql

sir, i need online shopping java code that simply like ebay shopping site please helpme.............

KindlySend me the Latest Codes ..!

Dear MR PERMALINK, i tried to call you but your mobile i switched off. I am in a urgent need in help i would like to buy a library system software from you made in Microsoft Access. If you could help me in anyway i would appreciate. Hope to hear from u soon. These are the main objective which my system should have
• Develop as system that can replace the manual library managing system.
• Develop a database which stores user details and book details.
• Develop a system where the fines are calculated easily, where editing is simple, deleting and adding new members.
• Give reliable search facility for the users.
• Administrator, librarian and users should have separate logins.
• Create an easy to understand user friendly environment.
• Attractive user interfaces to navigate through the system for the users.
• To create a secure system where only authorize people are allowed to access.


If you need library system just contact us at this link:


I am Sandhya Kommineni. I want to submit a project using HTML and Java script mainly. We can also use other also. Requirement is HTML and Java script. Can you please send me any project with whole source code. I am waiting for ur reply

mail me [email protected]

can you please send to my e-mail address the visual basic source code of your library management system...
thank you so's my e-ad [email protected]

plz send me code for this project
my mail [email protected]

Can you please send me the code. I would like to import my table from my old database. [email protected]

This is very simple and there is no need for any source code to execute it as MS access give the design view to design such textfield and button and run time environment to execute background query like select,insert,update to be worked for login.edit,update.So any class V students who has an affinity with MS product can easily make this max 2 max within 7 days...

You must be kidding. Oh really you can do it in just 7 days? You must be a pro. It seems that this library system has a lot to offer than you think. It has a lot of forms and reports which I doubt you can do it in just 7 days.

The borrowing and returning of books, as I have examined, really needs a code and not just bound controls.

Better we ask the author of this system if he/she can do it within 7 days as you've said.

Your pathetic!

i am studying 3rd yr it,
i need library management project by using net bean software in java,
plz send my e-mail id sir
plz sir plz sir

i need your help in making a library system in with ms access... can u send this code to me?
here is my email.. [email protected]
tanx in advance

pls sir, i need the user name and password for the library mangement, bcoz i was unable to access it. my email is [email protected]. thanks

Can you send me the code of this program ? this is my email add..
[email protected] thanks a lot!

best project

Hi provide me a code to access my system details,software details and Hardware details using either javascript or vbscript....Thank you

Can you send me the code of this program ? this is my email add
[email protected] thanks a lot!


plsss send me the copy of the database of this system.... e-mail me at marwin|[email protected]



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