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I can't wait until I finish my upgraded version of Hotel Reservation System using I am planning to upload again one of the source code that thought me how to program using MS Access.
This program is called Library System and is written in Microsoft Access. I started working with this code since 1999.
This is very useful for Library in managing a day-to-day transaction. From borrowing to returning of books to cataloging and a lot more.
Here are some of the features that can be found in this program:

  1. Books acquisition
  2. Non Book Acquisition
    • Serials Bound / Serials Unbound
    • Journals
    • Clippings
    • Pamphlets
    • Thesis / Modules
    • Cassettes Tapes
    • CD Roms
    • Charts
    • Diskettes
    • Equipments
    • Picture
    • Maps
    • Term Papers
    • Transparencies
    • VHS Tapes
    • Filmstrips
    • Index Card
  3. Library Members
  4. Inventory of Books
  5. Current Borrowers
  6. Top Borrowers
  7. Borrow / Return of Books / Non Books
  8. Books Borrowed and Books Returned


  1. Direct printing of fine(s) / Charges
  2. Accession Books
  3. Collections’ Statistical Report
  4. Listing of Library Members
  5. Card Catalog Printing
  6. Inventory Report
  7. And a lot more…

I’m still in doubt if I am going to share this with you because I’m still earning some money out of this source code. But if this will help you and earn money from this program, then please use it wisely.

And please don’t forget to donate a small amount if you found it profitable. At least my willingness to help you will have some return. But I will not urge you to do so if is against your well.

Update: To download the software please visit Library Management Software.


dude where is the code?

The code for library system will be out once I finish the Hotel Reservation System.

hello sir I have a desktop Library management system using java but i want
this to do web based application so can you help me [email protected]

sir can you teach me how to create an inventory system for item borrower on our lab. just a simple one.. thank you sir.. i'll wait your reply

Just like to know if you need inventory system

please send email sa [email protected]

can i have your code?

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With respect :-D, Ulf.

boi blisan m kaylangan ko yan wahahaha

pls i need the source code for  online Library Management System

You mean the Online Access Public Cataloging?

friend i need a c++ project report documentaion in ms office format ,if u hav any project documentation in c++ please post it , help me
from romi

How can I connect visual basic to Foxpro?

hi friend i need a c++ project  documentation report of any project in .doc file
or pdf format
thanks pls help me

can u please make me a program similar to library management system, but simpler..kahit po ung feature nya ay
inventory of books,,tapos po pwedeng makita kung alin ang available at alin ang hiniram,,tapos pati po may mga books din na available for sale..
thank you po in advance
moer power!!!!!

...PLease give me the steps in making the Library system..
..I'll for yor reply...thank you..

I'm already preparing for the tutorial. I will upload it here as soon as I finish the draft.

kindly send me a source code of a library system written in vb prog i realy need it as reference for the complesion of my project in Software Enginnering,, thank u,, send at [email protected]

I don't have vb version of library system. Only MS Access.

sir gud pm!!! do you have a soft copy of a case study of library system can i have it

Sorry but I don't have a case study on this.

, , , i think you should know the library movement, , ,
how to borrow, , and how many days and amount per days and capacity for the student and faculty on how many books can borrow, , ,
i have that program but i forgot the password ^_^ i can't log-in  i'll check it , ,


Please i need the username and password to enter

Kindly, watch the video tutorial.

where can i find the video?

Been able to explore the programm will allow me the opportunity to appreciate better the work done.

user name-admin

No Coments you people are so good

pls i need the source code for online Library Management System

friend i need library system project report documentaion in ms office format ,if u hav any project documentation in please post it , help me

please can u please send the source code to me at [email protected] thanks.

Send the code of library System on my
email: [email protected]

good afternoon can i ask you about this?
may i know the code of this system?

Not now...

I have to create a tutorial on this first.

where can i find the video tutorrial, i need password for the lib. sys.

hi po im julius plz.,
pwed ko po bang hingin ang system u sa library system kasi gmitin nmin sa aming thesis plz.,,.,., lang po malapit n kasi ang dipence.,.,.,.


wait ko po sa message u.,,., plz,.,

plz send me in my account.,,., [email protected],,.

wait ko.,.,.


Please read Thesis Writing.

hi sir.....i need to do project on online library management system using UML, J2EE, XML, e-Forms, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA...i will be thankful 2 u,if u gve some idea or documentation..plz help me .my id [email protected]

i need a project on library managemnt system in vb 6 & sql.....

plz help me.......

reply me on

[email protected]

hello anyone there that is kind hearted...
pwede ask a source code for library system, using Java GUI? please? huhuhu I need it so badly... just send it nalang to my email [email protected]

thank you so much....
you're really an angel to me...=)

Thank you so much "Admin"...

I will just use this for my project in java and thank you so much....

take care always...


can you forward the codes of library system and username as well as the password so that i can login the sample system
[email protected]

can you forward the codes of library system and username as well as the password so that i can login the sample system
[email protected]

hi please sent this to my id so that i could explain it to my students. its most important for us..

email: [email protected]

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It would be kind of you if you can me the code for Library System on my id [email protected]

this is just for learning purpose.

hello.. i need ur help..

..well, im doing a library system too..but i cant finished it coz i dont know know how to make the code in borrow-return transaction...can u help me? i really nid this only this week,,\

just email me @ [email protected]

hope ur reply..and the code...Godbless


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