Create a Library System Database

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This tutorial is part of How to Make Library System.

Microsoft Access works like a Microsoft word, excel, and power point. Before you make a table and other object you need first to save a filename for your database.

For the sake of this tutorial we will create a filename called “Library System.mdb”. I will be using Microsoft Access 2003 version. If you have a lower version please tell me so I can convert it to version 2000.

Now let’s start creating our library system database.

1. Click Start Menu >> Programs >> Microsoft Office >> Microsoft Access

[inline:How to Open Microsoft Access.jpg=How to Open Microsoft Access]

2. Type the filename in step number two and finally click Create.

[inline:How to Create New Database.jpg=How to Create New Database]

You should open this database every time we make some changes to the table, queries, forms, macros, reports, and modules.


Im not a ms access programmer but I like the way you presented how to do some databasing with an ease.
Thank you for sharing this software.

Can you come up with a database that will include all information with regard to a certain individual like bio data for example? And it will print the said date at the minimum of 5 pages.

Thank you

Sorry but I can't cater all request for now. It's easy to do in access but I don't have time for this kind of stuff.

why you don't have time for this kind of stuff ?

thank you very much for your presentaion

Will you please show me an example of prototype of a library system... please i need it for my project.. hope youll give it to me as soon as possible

Will you please show me an example of prototype of a library system... please i need it for my project.. hope youll give it to me as soon as possible

i am librarian so, i would like to develop my library system individualization so i need your support & guide me how to make this !!

thank you
your sinisterly ermigez

sir, can you please teach me how to manipulate your library management software, i already download it but i cannot open the source codes. please help me.

The source code is a bit too complicated for a newbie. I am still planning on finishing the tutorial on this.

hello sir!!can you help me sir on how to make library system using the visual basic?if you have time sir just email it on my account lovely_yow..thank you very much sir it will really help us

Start working on it and I will help you as you go along.

i need source codes on implementation of a library system

...i have a code about your system..maybe i can help you

Good Day sir!

Sir may i know the username and password of programmers of Library managment software? Sir i need to see all the tables that are created in the said application or Sir if you have time please email me at my email address [email protected] or [email protected] ...and kindly attach the uncompile copy of the Library Management software. As of now i am developing a Library Management Solution as my final thesis and i am planning to upload here maybe on October.

Thanks in advance! More power to sourcecodester...

Actually there's no password for the database backend of this program.

Since there are so many of you who's asking for the uncompiled code I will upload it too soon.

Can u tell me the all coding of library management topic ?? send the coding and forms to be used in this my friend... ..please...
can you please send to my mail id : [email protected]

My teacher has given an assingment on "develop a simple library managment system using C++ .Give a note of about it . My E-mail is :[email protected]

My teacher has given an assignment on "develop a simple book library system using C++, which has student name, id no. Give me a program about it. my emaile is [email protected]

I think your teacher expects you to do that on your own.

not all the links are working :(

Will you please show me an example of prototype of a library system... please i need it for my project.. hope youll give it to me as soon as possible e-mail:[email protected] thx !

I'm A I.T Student
Can you help me about this problem? I don't know how to make a data base.. And my Prof.said to have an Advance study And she gave an assignment for 1month to make an Library System.


Thank you for helping me...

email me @ [email protected]
please send me an Instruction how to do an Database

sir,, good morning ,its me SUVETHAR from TAMILNADU , i need a project on library management system using visual basic and back end as ms access,, can you please immediatly send to my mail id [email protected] ,,, simple project i need for my lab report


your software is awesome.....i have a project of library management but i have some problems on coding so can u plz hepl me on that
itz very small and simple project...

may email id is [email protected] so plz help me.....

Can u tell me the all coding of library management topic ??..please...
can you please send to my mail id : [email protected]

we need a source code to maintain the books information for the department library ,issuing and returning the books for both staff and student using the frontend asvisualbasic and backend as oracle.i hope that u wil help for me.pls send as soon as possible

post the code for this mail id :[email protected]

thanx for d infomation on ur site ...............

I'm final year B.C.A student. i have an project work in this semester.. I do it for one of the ORPHANS CHILD TRUST.. it may very helpful to them to maintain their library details.. but i dont know about the library management details... so i need ur help for a source code.. pls sir, i kindly request u to help me to did my project work... thank you...

I'm currently working on the .NET version.

sir can u help me
i want to know which table's should create for making online library managment project

sir, plz heip me. i need source code of library management system including search,add,delete,modify and display. it's for my school project. can u plz send it to my email id: [email protected] plzzzzzzzzzzzz


yes call me +94719349413


We are a Buddhist Institute creating a library of rare books. We are looking to create a in house catalog system for our library. Can you send me a sample db? My email address is [email protected]

Thank you

Hello I am an GSCE student and am trying to design the above system for my project.
Would you able to email me the ms database that would include tables, queries, reports forms etc please?
My email is

[email protected]

or send me the lick where I may be able to download it from.

Much appreciated for this.

hey friend,

can u please guide creating a database for library information system .....sql as a back hand and php as a front hand.....

please help me it for my term project.....

can u send me the source code @ [email protected]


could you send me the all source for library management project. i will submit to my HOD with in twenty days sir.. please help me.. i ve done only designing part but i dont know the coding and how ill connect to oracle for back end.. PLEASE HELP ME SIR.. PLEASE SEND ME THE SOURCE CODE TO MY E-MAIL ID:[email protected]

i dont know.......................

can you help me for our thesis using VB? Please give me some sample programs that fits our work. We decided to do program for school. What do you think will be good to do? Please email your reply at [email protected] TNX!

sir i hope u will pls give me the coding of library mgmt. system for my project as soon as possible at my id [email protected]


plz send to me this project
[email protected]


Hi there, please could you send me the source code. I am setting up a library in an orphanage in the Philippines. My email is [email protected]
many thanks

I am new to the access. I am trying to do a project in library management system in the access 2003. But i am familer with the database system. So, i think it would be much more easier for me if you can provide me your project.

Please reply this message as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply.

sir i nid ur help,,can u give me the code for library sytem. thank you sir

Sir can u help to do my project......
I do no hown to choose the title for the project.
Can u help me?
Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzz sir......................

I want the VB codings for our school library system immediately!!! it is my school project! Please help me sir!!!!! my e-mail address is [email protected]

Respected sir,

I am a student of MCA FY.I want to submit a project
for my annual exam of 100 marks so please provide
me source code and designing of the project named

Thanking you,
Jadhav S.B.

please can you help codes for library managemnet system for my final project
my email:[email protected]

Hello guys i am,and java developer,php developer i am making project on low ost for colege students u can contact me on my no 9926256042 and my email id- [email protected]

am trying to create a database of a school library pliz kindily send me the kind line on [email protected]


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