Enrollment System v1.0

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This is a complete enrollment system that you can use in recording a students information. I started working with this project using MS Access. One of the best feature of this system is the use of a parent/child to grand child using Windows Form and a DataGridView control.

A must have features:

1. Automatic loading of subject/course from Regular Load table in Student's Information form under the School Year & Course tab.
2. A parameterized dataset in Student's Information form to search for lastname.
3. A combobox, button and checkbox inside a grid.
4. Regular Load masterfile.
5. Advance reports using stored procedure.

And a lot more.

I have provided a video tutorial so that questions will be minimize on this code. You can access it here: https://www.sourcecodester.com/blog/enrollment-system-v10-video-tutorial.html.

Note: You need VB.NET version 2008 and SQL Server 2000 or above in order to run this program.

To do list:

1. Auto increment IDNo.
2. Transcript of Records report - I hope somebody can help me of this report.

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Hi. This one is a bit long... but I hope to offer to some advice so please bear...

I'm a freelance applications / web developer for more than 3 years now and I primarily use MS SQL Server, ASP.net C#, Visual Web Developer and MS Access VBA, HTML, CSS and Flash.

I took up (and graduated) BS Architecture but I pursued career in IT industry. Much of what I know and do are product of my own daily self-studies. I complete small-medium sized projects for various industries all on my own. Project cost averages P50K-P100K and development time frame is around 1-2 months.

If you are serious in pursuing career in IT, then you need to stop waiting for the magical codes to appear. Even if they do appear (or somebody gives them to you), you will simply pass your course with not much accomplishments. If you are not up to pay the price (not PESO, it's commitment to learn whatever it takes), then I suggest that you drop and find another course/major which you sincerely believe is the right one for you.

Now to those who are really serious with IT, here's my recipe in getting the most out of your thesis/projects:

1. Learn the system you are trying to automate. If your project is Enrollment System, then research as much as you can. Even the most perfect codes wouldn't help you if you don't understand the system you are trying to make.
My recommendation: Review your SDLC. Program design follows System analysis. Reverse them and you'll find yourself lost-in-the-woods.

2. Codes aren't enough. They are not even the first step either. Know how to design a clean database, represent your entities in tables and establish relationships. Program codes are useless if your database tables do not reflect the nature of the information system you want to create.
My recommendation: Formal SQL Training is costly and scarce. Buy the SQL Server Essential Training DVD and learn from it instead. While I don't really advocate it, you may buy pirated copies at around P70.

3. Know the basics of whatever programming tools you intend to use. I started using MS Access 3 years ago. I may not qualify to be an all around guru, I proud to be able to use and earn to sustain my family.
My recommendation: Lynda.com and CBT nugget has really interesting tutorial DVD's on program development. You'll learn faster by having a teacher who would be patient enough to teach you and won't mind getting rewinded and paused over and over again.

4. Constantly read and learn. Believe me, there are more things that you don't know than what you actually know.

5. If you still need the codes, I must confess, I look for them too. And for countless times, my development period get shorter because somewhere out there are generous programmers who share their codes to the public. BUT, don't be misled. Most of the shared codes are products of unique set of requirements which the programmers intended to solve. Copy-and-paste codes as you will, but take time to analyze them afterwards.

Congratulations to those who have succeeded. Persevere to those who are serious to learn. To copy-cats and just want to pass without the passion, MAAWA NAMAN KAYO SA MGA MAGULANG NYO NA NAG PAPA-ARAL SA INYO. Mag-shift na kayo hanggang maaga. Malay nyo, hindi pala para sa inyo ang IT, di ba? :)

., we are graduating students taking 2 yrs. computer science ...
..., sorry i forgot ... , it is enrollment system using java netbeans ... , actually we don't have any idea how to start it ... , can you please help us ??? ... , email me at [email protected] ....

This is a good advice to be blog. Whoever wrote this please create a blog by following the "Share Your Source Code or Article" and choose Blog on the type of content.

Viva forever...

Actually, I just did. Cheers!

Erick A. Ordonez
Web / Database Applications Developer
[email protected]
SQL Server, ASP.net, Access VBA


please kindly help me with a source codes to build an online electricity payment system.
I need it badly to start my project. You can contact me through my mail; [email protected]

We need group... please create... IT stud here...

this is prajakta .I am doing project on online shopping in advanced java. I just want a source code for the bill of that online shopping.I cant understand how to display the bill on online shopping project please help me . and send the source code on ([email protected]) this e-mail id.
thank you

sir, i want student enrollment system in vb 6.0.plz send me source code of it on mail id
[email protected]

tho im stll new but from the way it looks its so inviting i appreciate ol wat u're doing

its not working for me

pls... help us....! may we have an installer of that SQL server 2000..... We need for our system.... plsss.......pls........

good day sir....i beg your help sir about my review of related study of my thesis sir... about enrollment system..... pls help me....

Help me plsss...
We have a project...
We will be going to make an simple enrollment system using VB
And we will going to defend the system that we made..
we will going to pass it by monday 10/11/2010
please hel me guys:..
here is my gmail: [email protected]
advance thank you for the help



Say i have many program to be finish i wish i can count on you guys this load is killing me.say here is my e-mail [email protected] for further details in my problem.

i need a running program for enrollment system using blue j or eclipse help me send to my email [email protected] tenks!!

I need a project student Enrollment system using Visual basic 6.0
plz help me.
plz plz...........................my email [email protected]

low.. we have our IT project, so we refer to make a sttudent info. system..can u help me..of doing dat?? hmm.and what software i need to implement my system into real...just txt me..09075554686.
by the way.dat s student info.system for secondary ed. or email at [email protected]

hi sir,
How can I start in making my System proposal?
may you help me on how to do it.........
I need your help sir.....
tnx and morte power!

I need a project student Enrollment system using Visual basic 6.0
plz help me.
plz plz...........................my email [email protected]


Im doing freelance add my ym so we can talk about it. [email protected]



hanga ako sa mga nagpost d2 ng comment,,,hehe

someday magiging real programmer din ako...

hello m akash n i need core java project on any topic...
its urgent.....
plz help me frds

i can share with you my experience in ms access on how to resolve your problem regarding the stated subject.

pls. feel free to contact me thru my email [email protected]

...thank you for these source...this was really a big help to me..

How to learn IT to better as like cobe, SQL server
contact e-mail:[email protected]

pa help naman sa Using Flex Grid... MySQL at vb6.0 hehe..

we have a thesis regarding enrollment system using VB 6.0, but we dont know wer to start this system,and also we constraints with the documentation,,,can you plss give me a guide where do we start our program.......tnx more power!!!

here my e-mail address... [email protected]
thank you!!!

hi! can anybody help me..?.?...? i had a problem,I'm making my thesis proposal which is automated enrollment system.....could you help me.....here's my account in FB [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!

i have download your software and not able to excess it showing error not responding kindly help me my mail address is [email protected]


We are still deciding wether to use VB6.0 or MS Visual Studio 2010 the problem is at school there is only MS Visual Studio 2010 express my teacher said if someone can provide a portable version for Visual Studio 2010 VB then we will use that if not then it will be very hard because there is no crystal reports or built in report viewer in the express.

I have youtube how to make a portable application so I've tried it using ThinApp a software by VMWare that makes portable application

My Question is there are too many files that are in .exe I found ReportViewer.exe and Visual Basic.exe I really don't know If I needed any other files to be portable because I'm thinking if I forgot to include some important .exe files then the MS Visual Studio 2010 might malfunction ?

We are also thinking of using Enrollment System instead of a POS system ^^
Your program is really helpful ^^ Keep up the good work.

Please Help,

Thanks in Advance !!
God Bless and Good Day.

Gd day sir,
Pls, am working on online electricity billing and its my final year project, and i need to be asp.net using vb.net. I need your help urgently plz...
[email protected]


sir how did you do poh ung pagsave ng data from your registration papunta sa database... i've tried the code from this project but still ndi ciah pumapasok sa database... please sir need lng poh... tnx... and godbless...

Sir i need po a complete sample of enrollment system in college...please help me po...i jzt wnt to have an idea and full knowledge about the transactions...please help me poh...

tnx a lot....

Sir could you please help me in making an online admission and grading system of an high school..Email me at [email protected],thank you..By da way im using asp.net the db is mssql

how can i make a enrolment system in the c programing







[email protected]


ate gmitin mo n lng po ung datagrid(adodc) ska 1 combobox

he2 ung code sa textbox
if combo1.text = "Firstname" then
if not txtsearch = " " then
Adodc1.recordset.filter = "Firstname like '%" & txtsearch.text & "%' "
end if
end if

if combo1.text = "Lastname" then
if not txtsearch = " " then
Adodc1.recordset.filter = "Lastname like '%" & txtsearch.text & "%' "
end if
end if

pa tulong naman po.. enrollment system using adodc.. ung sa listview po.. :)
[email protected]


type mu lang sourcecodester.com

BSIT ka ba>>? wat yr kna?? wat name scol nyu?? kac parihas tau ng system...project enrollment..

BSIT nga pla aq 2nd yr here in COC..ahmf..

ahmf..meron...aq nyan..codes pra sa listview...or datagrid if gusto mo datagrid...gamitin,.

pro sayang..march 6 ung defend nyu tapos..nah,..

gud luck!..

..final defend namin ngaun..sa march 18, 2010

hai...im an it stud...enrolment din project nmn...
[email protected]

sa SAD nio need yan?? or sa PROject DEVelopment na??
if ever sa project devt yan??my MOA yan kya galingan mo dapat 100% working yan...."

gandang araw

sir i need ur help to my thesis project i need a enrollment system complete sir plz help me plz this is my email YM ([email protected]) sir i expcting you to help me for my thesis project

nyo ako

here'z my emal [email protected] tnxz po

Either IT projects or ComE projects.. Prices depends on the scope of the project..
Here's a sample of my latest project

Entitled Student Monitoring System Using Barcode..

[email protected]

Tear a do0r into the world of infinite possibilities..


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