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Facebook Acquires WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Facebook has acquired the world's largest mobile messaging service, WhatsApp, with a whooping amount of $19 Billion which benchmark as the biggest acquisition in the history. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the biggest social networking site, Facebook, announced the acquisition for WhatsApp through the official Facebook blog. According to the regulatory filing, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for

ToDoList 6.8.9 New Features Released

"ToDoList" which is considered as one of the best tool for task management and can be used as the best app for programmers is already updated into 6.8.9. In regard with this update, ToDoList 6.8.9 will definitely allow users to properly organize as well as categorize those important files in manageable way. Meanwhile, for those who haven't heard and know yet about this "ToDoList App," it is

Project Title for Your Thesis/Project!

Hopefully this may help you creating you project or thesis title. Project Help Desk Here... Credit to the link below: A Flexible Privacy-Enhanced Location-Based Services System Framework and Practice A Modified Model for Private Data Security

Android Developers: Flappy Bird App Garnered $50k Per Day

As it was launched last May 2013, it's truly amazing that independent game developer Dong Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam, developed a fabulous game that will surely capture the hearts and minds of Android and iOS users with his "Flappy Bird App." With Flappy Bird App, whether players find it quite annoying and frustrating still it also offers advancement to mobile users to where they could practice

Satya Nadella Hailed as New CEO of Microsoft

On February 4, 2014, after Steve Ballmer was hailed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the leading software-Microsoft, Satya Nadella from Hyderabad, India was named as the newest CEO of the software. Indian National Satya Nadella took his Masters in Computer Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and he also worked as a member of Sun Microsystems’ technology as staff. As 46

Java's Aged Version Won't Be Ignore

Of all the languages and codes used in programming, even if modern language are constantly existing in-order to access and install an application, the aged version of Java language can't be ignore by the users, for the fact that they still needed the old one. In regard with this, there are almost 76 percent companies were still running on Java 6 and even though they really want to pursue upgrading

Docker Raises $15 M for Cloud Development Led by Greylock Partners

An open source engine for deploying apps via container running on Linux server, Docker, raised $15 million for cloud development (formerly known as web application development) led by Greylock Partners in a Series B round. Docker, formerly known as dotCloud before it was renamed in 2009, was launched by Solomon Hykes. The generated funds of Docker will be used to enhance more the deployment system

Nginx to Pursue Enterprise With Commercial Release

One of the world's leading open source web server software, Nginx, is speculated to be concluded as business prospective by pursuing enterprise with the aid of commercial release. Nginx is the proxy server for different protocols which include Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)and port concept for Microsoft Windows. “Nginx has the opportunity to bring the same solution we have for large-scale Web

Developers Gained Insight to GitHub Traffic Analytics Service

One of the most popular code sharing site repositories the GitHub, announced its newest GitHub Traffic Analytics service which enables to determine and identify which content users are viewing, as well as to what repositories specifically they came from. Head Marketing of GitHub Brian Doll said, "Now, when you have a project on GitHub, you also get to see how many people are visiting your

Microsoft Acquires Parature For $100M to Bolster Dynamic CRM Platform

Microsoft Corporation reportedly acquired the customer service and help desk software, the Parature, for $100 million as it ventures Microsoft dynamics which includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to bolster interrelations with social media and online web. Parature was founded in 2000 by students of Cornell University. It was formerly known as Cyracle, an app made to assist customers