AsteroidOS For Open Source Smartwatch Released

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Every year, the advancement in technology continues to impress and hook more and more people. From mobile phones with keypad and antennas, most phones now are touchscreens and some even have the fingerprint or face-detecting feature. Aside from the mobile phones, watches have also been touched by the advancement in technology.

Currently, many people now are using smartwatches with operating systems. This kind of wristwear allows the user to make smartphone connectivity and to enjoy the privileges of watch apps. It aims to make things more convenient for the users.

Based on a recent article on Developer, another upgrade in smartwatch has crossed the surface. The users may now enjoy the perks and privileges of the open source smartwatch operating system "AsteroidOS". Developers have worked on it for more than three years and, according to them, it includes "all the features needed for a modern wearable experience". Alarms, weather, timers, and other watch apps are included and as well as smartphone connectivity. It would allow users to make music controls through the watch.

The first three Zenwatch models of Asus (G Watch Urbane, G Watch R, and G watch of LG) and the Sony Smartwatch 3 are among those supported by the "AsteroidOS" according to the article. To install the open source smartwatch OS, users may do either of the two things - install the "AsteroidOS" for temporary use or replace the original OS of the smartwatch. Users should enable the ADB in the smartwatch, have the bootloader unlocked, pick the bootloader mode, and run the command depending on the model of the watch.

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