Best Features of Android's Official Programming Language 'Kotlin'

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Android is undeniably one of the most progressive operating systems now. The technology giant behind it is no other than Google. Lots of people prefer using Android devices as it is user-friendly most especially that a big part of the world's population has it. The official programming language for Android is Kotlin. In this article, we are going to dig deeper into this programming language and what makes it really worthy to be Android's official programming language.

JetBrains is behind the progressive programming language Kotlin. The people composing the team are also those who worked on IntelliJ. One of the major advantages of using this programming language is that it can be easy for both beginners and experts in the field of development. It can also adjust well in terms of limits on runtime. This object-oriented programming language comes with a simple syntax and is rich in features that speed up development works.

Kotlin comes with a compiler that prevents the presence of bugs and also looks out for it whenever there is. It also avoids runtime errors and conducts lots of checks. Behind this programming language is a supportive community that is ready to help developers.

Together with Java and C++, Kotlin is now widely-used in developing Android apps. It is one of the highest-paying programming languages existing. Meanwhile, despite it being an official programming language for Android apps, the said programming language remains independent in terms of platform.

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