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Cater Your Business with Custom Responsive Website

In this technological era, smart phones and other mobile devices have taken over the internet browsing. In mid-2014, use of internet on cell phones has surpassed PC traffic. This is the reason that it has become important to have a mobile-friendly with different device compatible sites to fit in this technology-oriented era. In order to fulfill this demand, responsive website design has quickly

Compilation of My Android Apps and Android Tutorials

These are the list of my Android Application and Android Tutorials that will help you in your capstone/thesis for a quick reference. Android Apps 1. Android SMS Application using Basic4Andriod Link - Password: thecreator 2. View and Display PDF Files in Android Link -

A Programmer's Life

I’ve came across this mediocre status quo of my life. I’m almost on the primal point of conformity in this world. I’ve come out on peak where rivalries are extremely vied. I have passed those vendettas and feuds of life and came to groove with the rhythm of dynamism in living. I let slithered those failures and slipped a bit at the grip of living, but I always had my flag held up high for those

List of Thesis Title for IT/CS Students (more on Android App and Hardware Integration)

Good day to all. Some of the thesis projects for today's generation have been already made or sometimes the professors/instructors of a college institution rejected your thesis proposals because it is already existed or it does not meet the standards. So, I came up with a possible and most modern list of thesis proposals to help you all. Below is the list of thesis title. List of Thesis Proposals

Facebook to Resurrect F8 Developer Conference After 3 Years

Facebook, the world's largest social networking site announced earlier that it is going to resurrect the F8 developer conference for the first time after three years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg together with Parse co-founder Ilya Sukhar announced the upcoming F8 developer conference in a presentation at SxSW last Saturday, March 8, 2014. Ilya Sukhar is one of the founding members of Parse, a

Developers Advice on Building Apps that will Sell

If you think that developing an app is just a simple task, well its definitely not as you have to work on it deeply. Meanwhile, if you are one of those aspiring app developer, you should focus first on your vision and goals before you go through in the complex world of developing an app and also consider the demand of your boss as well as the users expectations. Regarding to this, famous

Top Five Best Programming Languages for First-Time Learners

A programming site has listed its top five best programming languages for first-time learners following its recently conducted poll survey. According to Lifehacker, the following are the top five best programming languages for the firs-timers whose gearing up to learn on how to code: Python C/C++ Java JavaScript Ruby Based on the survey, Python leads as the most popular particularly for first

Linux Bug Exposes Open Source to "Goto Fail"

A communications library implementing a series of protocols, the GnuTLS has revealed that a bug has leaked on open source system which allows to bypass Linux distributions. According to, programmers using any versions of GnuTLS will be vulnerable on the attack. In order to mitigate the attack, the programming system must be upgraded to version 3.2.12. "An attacker could use this flaw to

Microsoft is Officially Going Down

Microsoft is officially going down as confirmed by the Fortune's annual ranking of the World's Most Admired Companies for 2014 bringing the former top spot contender on the 24th place. Apple continues to dominate on the list conquering the other giant companies including Google and its main rival, Microsoft. Microsoft has now brief into commercialization. In fact, Satya Nadella, the new CEO has

77% of College Students Use Snapchat Daily

Based on the latest study, at least 77% of college students are now fond of using the photo-sharing app, Snapchat daily. Sumpto, a New York-based company conducted a research to be able to analyze the number of Snapchat users in the United States particularly college students. Snapchat is among the application which Facebook earlier aimed to acquire. However, $3 billion acquisition offer has been