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Samsung Releases Its New Feature That Heightens Security In Note 7

Samsung has just released another upgrade in their android phones as it now come with an iris scanner - another historic mark in the list of mobile phones' features. Security and privacy features are essential in personal gadgets like the mobile phones as there are certain files at times that we want to keep full security of. Further, messages and photos are also important matters in the phones

First Solar Plane: Completed A Journey Around The World

Humans have walk upon the earth there have been countless technological innovations. These inventions helped make it possible for us to build smartphones, remote controls, and skyscrapers. Now, new innovations caught the attentions of the world. According to a report, a solar plane has completed a journey around the world. It is said the first solar plane that completed its journey around the

Upcoming Nexus Phones: Expected To Bear Google's New Home Screen Features

Home screen look and features set the mood in a mobile device. A home screen with great features, mostly those which have automatic shortcuts to certain mobile applications, is an ace for any user. Innovations in the home screen has already come a long way. From mere buttons in the past, now technological gadgets come with extended panels or windows. User can even add applications in the home

Innovative Earbuds: IQbuds Equipped With Noise-Cancellation Technology

Our ears is an organ of the body that is used for hearing and balance. It is used in our daily lives. Human ears is one of the part of the body that needs to be take care of because it is connected to the brain by the auditory nerve and is composed of three divisions, the external ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. According to a report, this IQbuds can be used Bluetooth to wirelessly connect

Google Searches For 60 New Web Rangers

60 new web rangers will be chosen by Google in its goal to make the use of internet more beneficial and a way for honing users' skills. In support of its digital literacy campaign, Google is now on the go for scouting 60 young Filipinos who are very much willing to upgrade their skills and has the innate love for a more useful and better use of what the online world offers. The head of

Electronic Tattoo to Monitor Muscle Activity.

Tattoo's are becoming a popular phenomenon that is seen everywhere. The increase of popularity of tattoo or the body art has also increased of Hepatitis, especially Hepatitis C is spread by contact with human blood. This innovative tattoo which is more advanced than anything. According to a report, researchers have developed a thin, flexible electrode that can measure electrical signals on the

Linux On Making Computer Use A Lot Easier

Computer usage is like counting 1,2,3 for some while for others it's a whole new thing to be learned. Most especially to those who were not used to it, it's going to be a crack on the nutshell that a friendly operating system would really be a big help. Linux has recently been reported as a system that provides freedom, security, and easy access. Way back in 1991, mixed-up with the GNU software of

Material Design Frameworks

Material Design Frameworks In this article, we are going to tackle about Material Design Frameworks. I would like you to know about material design in which programmers and developers are already popular for their websites and Android app. It was developed and introduced by Google Inc. Material Design used to take a good care for the user experience when they used it. It seriously connects with

10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates

10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates If you are looking for 10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates then you are at the right place. We have top 10 free responsive bootstrap templates for the year of 2016 below. There are many elite programmers, designers, and developers in the world who simply created awesome free resources using the Bootstrap. We all wanted to support and share their work with

Basic of C programming

C programming language is a widely used programming language for creating computer programs. It is well known for it's simplicity. Besides easy to use feature, it is efficient and have controlling power too. Starting with what is C C is a Procedural Oriented Programming language. One can write instructions for computer to follow. It is a case-sensitive language, that is, there is a difference